Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lance Armstrong Takes On Cyclist Haters

Adam Wesley Little was only 35 when the road bike he was riding was struck by Stacy Shaw's 1995 Nissan early on the morning of March 17, 2010.

Little was riding on US Highway 49 near US 601 when he was mowed down by Shaw. He was pronounced dead at Carolinas Medical Center Northeast a short while later.

Shaw, 24, has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle in connection with the crash. She was also charged with a child restraint violation.

Half a world away from South Africa, Cycling Champion Lance Armstrong is in a war of words with ESPN Radio's Tony Kornheiser, the "us vs them" of "motorists against cyclists" may be good for talk radio but to the family of Adam Little it is all hateful.

On March 18th Armstrong tweeted: "Listening to Tony Kornheiser's comments on ESPN radio re: cyclists on the road. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete fucking idiot,"run 'em down". Really? Big mistake, Tony.

What has Lance Armstrong upset and promising the wrath of his 2.4 million twitter followers?

Have a listen here go to the March 11, Part 1 Segment at 31.3 mins.

If you thought Tony's Hanna Storm comments were out of line just listen.

Cedar Posts take away:

Cedar Posts loves cycling, always have, but I also know that when your passion clouds your judgement the result can often be fatal.

This applies to cycling, skydiving, skiing, surfing, diving, mountain climbing and sex. This I have learned at the cost of broken bones, busted blood vessels in my eyes, one awful looking tangled chute and one scary stalker girl.

Cedar Posts Update:

Tony Kornheiser and Lance Armstrong back down details here.


Anonymous said...

Bicycle riders are jerks, I hate that someone had to die to teach you fools a lesson but riding on 49 is f-ing crazy@! I'm sure Mr. Little has flipped of plenty of people maybe he had it comming?

Drew said...

I grew up near 49 and 601... Went to CCHS graduated in 99. I know the area well. Sure 49 in that spot isn't an ideal bike route, but it isn't that bad either. And what other choise of a bike route would there have been? Your comment is scathing and him dieing teaches us something? You are a heartless person who will miss every thing good in life. All this teaches the cycling community is that were going to have to lobby heavier for cycling infrastructure and higher penalties for shitty motorists who feel the 18 seconds they lost on their car drive due to being behind a bike is more important than that persons life. Adam Little was a very kind person who wouldn't want to be in anyones way, who valued his life and who had a familly and a cycling team that depended on him.he had a right to be on the road and he had a right to live.

Anonymous said...

I think bikes need to be restricted to roads with posted speed limits of less than 45 mph. They also need to be permited and taxed like cars.

Anonymous said...

I agree most bicyclists are rude as hell!

Make them buy a permit them and they can ride anywhere they darn well like. Charge them a $1,000.00 clean up fee that way taxpayers aren't left with the bill to pay for scraping them up off the pavement.

Billy Fehr said...

For Christ sake, stop the madness and get rid of the wit left by A Ninny Mouses 1, 3 and 4. Please.

Anonymous said...

Cyclist do have a permit, it's called paying taxes as-holes!

dragonfly said...

When bikes outnumber cars you'll be crying by the side of the road you inconsiderate bastards!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

People, normal, nice, sane people hate make that HATE cyclists.


Ask the question of anyone, any race, any profession, any income and they will tell you they HATE cyclists.

The only people who don't hate cyclists are cyclists it is a self love thing.

Put it to a vote, a statewide vote to approve a ban of bicycles on state roads and it would pass by a wide margin, I'd even suggest a landslide.

Cyclists need to suck it up, park the anger and stop thinking of themselves as an elite group.

Unless they want to be martyrs?

Anonymous said...

Most of these comments are unbelievably hateful and ignorant, probably just like the people that wrote them.

Millie said...

This is rediculous, Adam had the right to be on the road. He was obeying the rules of the road - he was on the shoulder and wearing reflective clothing. He had blinking lights on his bike as required by law. Adam was a wonderful man, a loving husband, father, and son. No one has the "right" to kill another person. Adam and his cycling friends are friendly people and do not think of themseleves as "elitists". People driving cars should be paying attention - as this driver was not. You cycle haters are horrible people and I hope you never have to suffer the tragic loss of a loved one as Adam's family and friends are having to deal with.

Anonymous said...

I think it really is tragic what happened. As much as I agree that bicyclist have a right to be on the road it is just not smart.

You can't defend yourself against stupid drivers, drunks or just accidents. It's crazy to ride on 49 period!

Point fingers and blame who you want to even make hit a cyclist a capital crime, its still going to happen.

I think Cedar said it best "when you allow your passion to cloud your thinking" .... clearly that is what is going on here.

I enjoy riding, and enjoy watching guy like Armstrong and Adam put out major effort to cover amazing miles on a bike, but you are no match for 1/2 ton of steel going sixty five.

Stop the madness!

Anonymous said...

I've read many comments on the Cedar Posts blog and the Observer's web site and first let me say how sorry I am that this tragic accident happened.

I know Stacy Shaw and she is destroyed over this accident. She simply didn't see Adam the car or truck ahead of her we don't know which blocked her view untill it was too late.

Adam should not have been riding on this road during rush hour, it doesn't excuse Stacy but this would not have happened if bike rider would stop with the we have a right to be on the road attitude.

Anonymous said...

just keep hating us that's fine, drive you fat ass in your big gas sucking SUV and give us all your hate in the end you'll be dead from a heart attack or out of work with ten dollar a gallon gas.

Anonymous said...

I am truly sickened by the comments that have been posted. I cannot believe that there are people out there as insensitive, mindless, and cruel as those who have taken the unfortunate opportunity to get on their hateful little soapbox. In regards to the gentleman mentioned in the article above, I have had the honor of meeting Adam, as he happened to be the brother of a very good friend of mine and my fiancee's. Adam was an intelligent, successful, loving husband and father of two small children who chose to make the commute to work by bike several days a week, which kept him in shape to compete in a sport he loved. He was also recognized as one of the top competitors in the cycling community. He obeyed the rules of the road, always wore the appropriate safety gear, and made sure his bike was equipped with the necessary lighting and reflective gear. In no way, is this situation a result of negligence on his part, nor was it deserved. Due to the irresponsibility of a 24 year old girl (who couldn't even keep her own child restrained properly and seems to have a history of not obeying the law), he was blindsided and unfortunately lost his life as a result. My fiancee and I attended the service for Adam this past Saturday, and he had so many people show up to pay their respects and show support for his family and loved ones, that there wasn't enough room to contain everyone. This man was loved by so many and had so much to live for, it makes me question why he wasn't spared, as opposed to the "cold-hearted trash" roaming the face of the earth (and yes, this is directed to the idiots posting their "karmic prophecies"). I guess certain things aren't meant to be questioned (I'll leave that to the man upstairs). I'm not going to sit here and claim that I've never gotten angry at someone who may have cut me off, made an improper turn without signaling, or got aggravated because I was stuck behind a school bus for every stop they made for miles. However, there are certain things in this world that you cannot control, but must respect. Cyclists have just as much a right to be on the road as we behind the wheel of any other vehicle do. Remember that the next time you have to drive a little slower, or God forbid - wait 15 seconds for a clearance in the lane to "go around." I know where Adam is and I can assure you he's looking down instead of up. (Rest in peace Adam. You will be in our hearts always).