Friday, March 19, 2010

What's In A Name?

Without a doubt the name "Bobcats" didn't help the Bob Johnson NBA franchise get off the ground, perhaps that is why there is a lot of support in Charlotte for Michael Jordan to rename the team the "Flight".

But "Flight" makes no more sense than "Bob's Cats", as some, even well meaning names just don't work, flight is one of those names.

The NBA should have been smart enough to restrict the moving of team names, the Jazz belong in New Orleans, the Hornets in Charlotte. But the same can be said for baseball, football and hockey.

Twins could move to Tampa I guess, but how about the Broncos to Jacksonville? What about the New York Packers, or Atlanta Yankees? Some names just shouldn't be moved, and the Hornets is a name that should have never been moved.

I never understood the Hurricanes in Raleigh, or Pittsburgh having Penguins. Penguins hardly sound like a formidable opponent.

The Falcons are ok in Atlanta and the Braves moved from Wisconsin and the world didn't end.

In Charlotte I don't think we would want a team named for some disaster, the Chicago Fire never should have become a soccer team, yet soccer teams have really odd names if you ask me.

In the end the only name that fits is Hornets and the only name that doesn't fit in New Orleans is Hornets. Its a no brainer, if Michael Jordan has any pull at all with the NBA, the name Hornets will come back home and all will be right with the world or at least in the world of Charlotte Sports.


Anonymous said...

Quirky names like Flight belong to the WNBA, or the minors.

Think Sand Gnats, or Mud Dobbers, Crawdads, or Asheville Tourists.

Think Losers!

JAT said...

Things went to hell when the Jazz went to Utah and kept the name -- instead of going for the Jaredites, or something else that made sense.

Anonymous said...

Just drop the "Bob" and keep the "Cats." Just like Tampa Bay "Devil Rays" became just the "Rays"

Anonymous said...

I'm all for dropping the Bob and calling them the Cats but Hornets name belongs here it just doesn't make sense in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cougars ~ The ORIGINAL Charlotte basketball team!

Anonymous said...

Cougars works for me!