Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mecklenburg County Manager Throws Another Employee Under The Bus

Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones told County Commissioners that mental health director Grayce Crockett had resigned Tuesday. Did anyone else here the flub, dub of Crockett being thrown under the Harry Jone's bus?

Crockett's resignation, effective Jan. 11, follows a host of revelations about Mecklenburg Open Door, one of the county's largest mental health contractors.

According to the "Local Paper" Harry Jones put Crockett on leave in September amid questions about her department's handling of private contractor Open Door.

Mecklenburg commissioners also learned that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will ask the county to repay $465,000 it had received to manage a federal mental health program.

In an audit of how the department oversaw the federal Shelter Plus Care program, HUD found "significant failures," while Mike Moseley, a consultant hired by the county, has concluded the mental health department needs major restructuring.

Based of Moseley's suggestion, Jones told commissioners he plans to consolidate the financial management functions of all county human services departments.

In a year that has seen unimaginable misconduct and outright theft it continues to amaze Cedar Posts that Harry Jones still has a job.

When Harry Jones hired an outside consultant to review the county's mental health department who did he hire? Mike Moseley, who served as North Carolina's mental health leader for four years, and resigned from that job in 2008 following reports of widespread failures in the state's mental health system.

Is anyone even paying attention?

In another Mecklenburg County development Harry Jones announced that he and City Manager Curt Walton want to delay consolidation talks for at least six months, and Jones has argued in a letter some of the proposed mergers don't make sense.

In a Dec. 17 letter to the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, Jones listed a number of reasons he believes the city and county should not consolidate four functions: permitting; Medic and fire; government TV; and human resources.

All of this tells Cedar Posts that Harry Jones doesn't get it. Jones lives in a black hole with little understanding of what is up and what is down, a place where red ink looks the same as black ink and where no one is accountable.

A black hole that sucks down taxpayer's money at an amazing rate, that no one seems to notice.

The Local Paper's detailed coverage of Jone's objection to merger discussions is here.

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Anonymous said...

The simple fact of the matter is that Mr. Harry Jones is a Negro. That, and that alone, in the Government realm, makes him infallible and unfireable. End of story, we're stuck with him just as we're stuck with the Chief of Police (and for the same reason).