Saturday, February 12, 2011

CMPD's Charlie Walker Retires

Photo Courtesy of Billy Fehr Photographer/Cyclist/Blogger

Charlotte is full of change, and full of icons and sometimes the two cross paths. For as long as I can remember Charlie Walker has been a CMPD officer and uptown beat cop. He has the look of a beat cop, no non-sense, move along there's nothing to see here kinda cop.

To those who work uptown he's as familiar as the sound of city buses, the wind swept rain on a cold winter day and the flowering trees and planting strips that dot the uptown landscape during spring's long intro to the much longer Carolina summer.

He really does have that look, weathered grey against police blue, a look that says you can't park here, turn left there , or cross the street against that light. A look that says "please tell me I didn't just see you spit on my sidewalk".

And aside from the law enforcing stare, there is also a smile, a good morning sunshine look that passing twenty something girls notice when they are noticed.

After 30 seasons, 15 of them at the square uptown Walker is giving up his turf to a younger guy.

Peace officer, law enforcer, gentleman, beat cop and icon, swept away by time and change.

More photos of Charlie Walker by Billy Fehr here and here.

And some photos from the "local paper" here although they are not as good as Billy's.

And a story by "Tommy Tomlinson" which is here.


ThaQueenCity said...

Would you stay on working under someone like Monroe? I don't know how he or anyone else does it myself....

I wish him lots of happiness and peace in his retirement ;-)

Anonymous said...

Charlie Walker is the man! I work with him in Central Division and he is the best. We'll hate to see him go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cedar that was fun.

Anonymous said...

Officer Walker gosh I didn't know he was retiring! I'm not a twenty something but I always got a smile out of him so Ha! I hope he knows how much he'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

Wow Cedar that is a touching send off, that leaves me with a bunch of mixed emotions, happy for Officer Walker and at the same time sad.

I just can't figure out who you can do a rant on Harry Jones and then turn around and be so nice and sweet.

Oh wait you're a guy that explains it!

Anonymous said...

Big Shout Out to Officer Charlie, Well Done Brother!

Anonymous said...

He is one d*** fine cop and I am glad that he made it through to retirement. I worked at CMPD back in the 80's and 90's. It used to be a great place to work. Sorry to hear about the leadership issues. There are many greater qualifed to do the job from within the CMPD itself for the cheif's position....