Tuesday, November 4, 2014

CMPD Stingray

Nice uproar among Charlotte City Council members over privacy concerns because CMPD has deployed StingRay cell phone tracking devices.

But what remains really shocking are the council members who claim they don't remember voting to approve the purchase.

Dig a little deeper and you'll find that Raleigh and Durham spent considerably less to aquire the contraption and used a Federal grant to pay for it.

CMPD's appetite for new spiffy stuff is boundless. Shot Spoter, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Take Home UCO Cars, Helo Upgrades, Golf Clubs. The items hidden and glossed over by CMPD that council approves is embarrassing.

Raleigh spent $126,000 on the system, while Durham spent more than $200,000. Both cities used Federal grants to cover Stingray purchase costs.

So where did Charlotte's money come from? Taxpayer pockets, and by default officer salaries.
Have a look at the Harris Company price list. 

This just got to have item that most of the country is doing without. 

CMPD wants you to believe that Stingray is used only to track serious violent felons. If crime is down and this is such a rare event why not just borrow a unit from the FBI? After all they don't use the system that often, right?

Here's an interesting tidbit from a response to a request made of the North Port Police Department in the Tampa Florida area regarding an arrest where StingRay was apparently used:

 "In the past, and at the request of the U.S. Marshalls, the investigative means utilize to locate the suspect have not been revealed so the we may continue to utilize the technology without the knowledge of the criminal element. In reports or deposition we simply refer to the assistance as " received information from a confidential source regarding the location of the suspect" 

The reason CMPD has these items and we the taxpayers are paying the price in dollars and our constitutional rights is that these units are up and running 24/7/365 and they are tracking you!

Note to Thugs and Hoodrats, upgrade to 4G and unless the popo has the latest and greatest you are untrackable. As an alternative get a real job and stop your thieving and killing. 


Anonymous said...

I'm all for tracking the thugs and thugettes.

But Cedar has a point, RoMo has been sliding this sort of shit under the noses of CLTCC for years just rounding the dollars up and telling the "potted plants" it's for just stuff and they always approve it.

Anonymous said...

Also for catching the bad guys.
Many believe Rodney has been using this on his own people.
Would not surprise me at all.
Between grant money, asset for forfiture
money and the money CC throws at him..why aren't salaries higher?
Because these are Rodney's own personal slush funds.

Anonymous said...

Did Ron Carlee grow up in East Gemrnay, and is he a member of the Stasi? This guy is a danger to a free society, and would be better fit to lead a communists party meeting.
Where did we find this POS?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Cedar doesn't mind the "big brother" concept and at least it seems accepts this as life post 9/11

But what does this have to do with hunting down ISIS and Lone Wolf terrorists?

I agree Chief Monroe is a dirt bag and our local "elected officials" are idiots, but why should I be ok with Rodney tracking my cell phone?

Same with all these video cameras around Charlotte, why can't I pick my nose at a stop light without feeling some turd is watching my every move?

Read my email, track the use of my charge card and worry that if I search "pressure cooker" and gun powder on the same day that I'm the Boston bomber, if you like but the real threat is out there and you guys keep missing it.

Anonymous said...

Romo is spying on his officers

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rotney's world is crumbing. His man is going to Butner, and Smuggy Mitchell can't be far behind.

He's working hard to earn back some white officer respect, looks like he'll finally promote his boy Cam Selfie to DC.

Anonymous said...

Cam is a joke...he should fit in nicely with all the other clowns Rodney has promoted and foisted on CMPD for years to come.
Cam has kissed ass and sold his soul to to " get ahead" losing what little respect anyone had for him.
Such a shame how he has been the reason for the corruption in IA..his determination to be promoted at any cost. And he has cost CMPD big time.

Anonymous said...

Read the article in the Observer today about Heath Morrison.
He sounds like Rodney Monroe's doppleganger.
Only Rodney instructs his minions to do the berating, degrading and overspending so he will have plausible deniability.
And so far he has gotten away with it.

Anonymous said...

Cam Selvey is as bad as big head Ed Levin.

Shameless spineless self-promoting toadies who will cover up anything Monroe orders in the name of getting a bigger pension.

How do you look in the mirror?

grow a spine. grow a conscience. report.

Anonymous said...

Heath Morrison is in the minor leagues compared to Rodney Monroe. .
Seriously; many have been asking for someone, anyone, to investigate the many, many allegations of bullying, harassment, outright lying to "get back" and get rid of people...misappropriation of ALL KINDS of funny money.
And what has happened to the man who lied to get his job as Chief and has continued to lie in so many ways to keep
his job?
Nothing. NOTHING.
So, so many have told the city, the Department, the media and whoever will listen about the corruption at CMPD
And yet nothing, nada.

Anonymous said...

11:50, has anyone made a direct complain,t or is it just a bunch of talk around the department?

CMS made it pretty clear that they heard rumors of issues with Morrison for a while, but could not open an investigation until specific complaints were made.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Holder took the death penalty off the table for the 4 gang members that murdered the Reserve Officer? Can the state still retry the case?

Anonymous said...

guys watch what you post on facebook the city just fired a white female fire dept employee for using the word thug in her posts....she claims it is retaliation for other comments about a building project...they are watching...

Anonymous said...

a private post, where she went out of her way to specify that being a thug was not about race or sex or religion or anything else but being a criminal

this was pure retaliation.

they went looking for something to hang their hats on because she pointed out dangerous conditions and wasteful spending when the people who should have been in charge of it didn't do their jobs properly to take care of their employees and the rest of us and our tax dollars.

don't let fear shut you up. stop with the warnings. now is the time to SPEAK UP MORE! they have been exposed and at least the pathetic media around here is finally doing a story in support. and one pitiful city council person on this one topic said it was wrong. if only she bothered to do the same about all the other criminal misconduct she is aware of.

stop cowering in fear and speak up. be specific. provide evidence. you will be supported.

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