Thursday, January 22, 2015

Charlotte McKinney Carl's Jr. Burger Chain Ad Won't Be Seen In Charlotte

Ultra Hot Model Charlotte McKinney's Carl's Jr. Burger chain ad won't air outside of the western half of the nation. 

The collective boo is overwhelming. 

But there is plenty of Charlotte to see as you may notice below.

The Florida model known for her Guess ads is sure to create a stir on social media. But Super Bowl ads are just that social media bombs designed to stir it up.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sex appeal is not natural for Charlotte, but "screwing" over its employees is acceptably HARDCORE!

Anonymous said...

This is all Rodney Monroe's fault!! He has ruined everything! When the investigation is complete and he and his minions are arrested on all of the charges the world will see and I will be vindicated! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so sexy like this ! really.

jhon said...

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