Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Muslims Just Different From The Rest Of Us Courts Apparently Agree

A Chicago woman accused of throwing her infant daughter to her death from an eighth-floor window has been sentenced to probation.

Baby Killer Mubashra Uddin
The Chicago Tribune reports that 20-year-old Mubashra Uddin on Thursday pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and a Cook County judge sentenced her to four years of probation.

She originally was charged with first-degree murder in the November 2015 death. Prosecutors said Uddin hid her pregnancy and killed the baby because she feared her Muslim parents from Pakistan wouldn't approve.

Prosecutors said Uddin gave birth and dropped the baby girl out of a bedroom window when she heard her mother approaching. A man found the newborn in the grass. The baby died the next day at a hospital.

Uddin was given credit for serving 603 days in jail.

The Judge took her upbringing and family background into consideration. Agreeing with defense attorneys that the murder of her child was as desperate act of self defense.

Cedar's Take: Just let that marinate a while and then let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Did the judge's sentence order actually say he agreed it was a desperate act of "self defense?"

Or did the defense attorneys say that and the judge's sentencing of probation seem to concur by letting her off a charge of murdering her helpless innocent infant with time served and probation? Curious.

Was there any indication the parents were on their way into the room to murder this girl? That would be necessary for self defense, right?

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why this country is going to shit! Immigrants will have a field day with this defense.

Anonymous said...

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