Thursday, August 17, 2017

Charlottesville Madness or Act of Domestic Terrorism?

As repugnant as I find white supremacists it is clear their right of free speech was violated in Charlottesville.

Confrontation, call it counter protests if you like, by #BLM and #Antifa was allowed unchecked by woefully unprepared members of Law Enforcement as things spiraled rapidly towards tragedy.

Tearing away banners, using mace, urine bombs, spitting, throwing feces and using canes against the Alt-Right crowd is violence. It is unjustified no matter how strongly you disagree with the opposing party, and that's a first amendment violation. 

Black Lives Matter Antifa protestor attacks a Alt Right protestor with a metal pipe.

The end result 13 staples and a really bad haircut.

And this is the guy cops and the white supremistis are looking for. He'd be wise to turn himself in before the Nazis find him.

Antifa protestors blocking Fields car before he is attacked. Notice the brake lights. If he was intent of attack why does he wait until another car is in front of him?

The act of violence leading to the death of Heather Heyer was not an act of terrorism, rather an imprudent impulsive reaction of random anger and rage by a white supremacist towards a crowd of Black Lives Matter, and Antifa protestors.  

It remains to be determined if there are any mitigating factors, including if James Alex Fields felt threatened or was in mortal fear.

The fact that he rammed the car in front of his and not the crowd directly may prove pivotal in his defense.

Terrorism requires the key ingredient of premeditation, obviously the other factors such as random targets, mass casualties and destructive force are all met, but without premeditation this act of violence doesn't meet the definition of terrorism. 

Is it even a hate crime? Just because James Alex Fields is a devote of racism and is clearly the cause of Heather Heyer's death doesn't make it a hate crime. There has to be an explicit link between the two for it to be a civil rights violation. 

Finally did this personalized "Jesus" plate set Fields off? 

Was GODKPME (God Keep Me) just too much for the hate filled angry young man to handle? If so it likely was not an act of terrorism.

In the end it all comes down to motivation. 

Cedar on Trump: Ugh! I wish he'd stop tweeting and shut up! Americans apparently don't want a speak from the heart president, they don't want honest thought or impulsive Q and A sessions with the liberal media. Americans want robo president, scripted and edited with perfect Midwestern enunciation. 


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see in today's (8-17) Charlotte observer .... They mapped out all the civil war memorials in NC. WTF. Nothing like pouring gas on the fire ! Anything to sell newspapers.

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jhon said...

Even today with the high priced homes of Ballantyne behind you, once you cross the South Carolina state line, it doesn't take long before you notice you have traveled back in time white vinyl fence