Sunday, October 8, 2017

Morgan Christina Swartz - Another Crack Head Among Us

Picked up in Charlotte on apparently another DUI/DWI charge Morgan Christina Swartz is making a solid reputation as a repeat offender.

Her prior mugshot from 2016 below

And from 2015 in Florida 

At 5'4" and 110 pounds how long before this party girl OD's or kills someone driving the wrong way on the interstate?


Anonymous said...

Cedar I'd be happy to lock her in my basement

Anonymous said...

Who are you to judge? While I am not for drinking and driving it's very bold of whoever you are, probably some loser behind a computer screen all day, divorced and miserable with your life to call a young individual "a crack head". She is a young girl who still has plenty of life ahead of her and works 3 jobs.

Anonymous said...

She works 3 jobs and still has time to go out and drink past the point of being sober? Between her future AA meetings she should teach Time Management courses.

Anonymous said...

Eventually the inevitable will happen and it will be the same ol sob story.... (I didnt mean to hurt anyone). Sooner or later these folks run out of luck.

Anonymous said...

She hot yep lock her up in my basement as well. But a life documented by mug shots not cool.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it!

Anonymous said...

It's literally comical that you consider yourself a legitimate blogger, when you get MAYBE 8-10 comments at most on your posts. You have the audacity to stalk people you have never met and judge, when you're probably sitting in your house behind a computer working in customer service, if you're lucky.

Also, newsflash, if you're going to blog, you might want to actually learn how to write well. Here are some pointers for your incompetent ass.

1. "Maraghy, rumor has it told cops the "old guys" where (<--Do you know how to proofread? I believe you meant "were") harassing and threatening his girl friend." (Girlfriend is one word, look it up on Webster dictionary you idiot)

2. "Maraghy and Nasri are two poor excuses for biological matter that calls" (<--Again, try proofreading, why is this plural?) themselves human beings.

3. "The rush of transplants from Northern States has brought an entire class of people." (Why is northern states capital? Those are two common words. Please take an english course, this is painful.)

4. "will likely be banned from future CarolinaPanthers games." (Did you forget where the space bar is?)

5. "But her story is not uncommon in Charlotte, a city that is experiencing a wave of heroin and opioid related over doses and deaths." (Overdoses is one word, how is this not common sense?)

I skimmed the first page of this bullshit and still managed to find endless typos. I think half the felons you feature on your "blog" could probably write better than this. I'm embarrassed for you, maybe try starting a podcast or go back to school buddy.

Anonymous said...

Ha Cedar looks like you pissed off another crack head. I read 1:34's post and I'll bet you a beer or two the poster is the perp. I'll run her name see what else turns up this schools be fun.

Anonymous said...

^Dude crackhead is one word, you guys might as well be crackheads with me. For future reference here you go;

I'm up at 1:34 am and still can type better than this shit, what the fuck is a "poster", a poster is something you hang on the wall not a pronoun. The "perp" is you, please get a life and stop worrying about people you don't personally know.

Anonymous said...

She was on backpage last year, super pricey but worth it. I don't agree with the crack head claim. She was super nice all pro and very good at what she does. But YMMV. I'd see here again.

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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