Sunday, April 7, 2019

Charlotte's African Americans A Culture Of Violence

Saturday night added homicide victims 36 and 37 to the ever exploding list of murders in Charlotte.

The first homicide, that of Teaun Bates occurred at the infamous Timber Ridge Apartments. Timber Ridge has long been the epicenter of the African American Culture of Violence a lifestyle embracing gunplay and criminality. 

The second murder that of Derrick Lamar Chambers, shot dead on Delta Crossing Lane.

Busy night for Hickory Grove Officers.

It would be easy to blame CMPD Chief Kerr Putney for the continued spike in violence, but that would be misguided and the reason is simple:

Police can not patrol enough to prevent or predict homicides.

The root causes of Charlotte's soaring murder rate is simple:

A Demographic that embraces a culture of violence

Overwhelmingly Liberal Judiciary

City and County wide Democratic leadership that is soft on crime and far too busy promoting a social agenda rather than a civic agenda.

Population growth that is predominantly driven by transplants from cesspool cites in the north.

Time for Charlotte leaders to say ENOUGH!

Stop Sherriff Garry McFadden from turning the county jail into his own personal "Kamp Kumbaya"

Put Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles on notice that her "social agenda" needs to take a back seat to a civic and tough of crime agenda. Free Housing is just a massive bug light for the low life that is infesting our city.

Mecklenburg County DA needs to make man up and prosecute violent offenders, scrape the no bail fail and electronic monitoring system. 

Raleigh needs to pass legislation that removes judicial variances and gives a mandatory ten year prison sentence for crimes involving the commission of a crime while in possession of a gun. No parole No probation No mercy! 

Time to remove gun toting felons from our streets is now.


Anonymous said...

Dream on Cedar.... Dream on....
Best thing to do is what others including myself have done. Move away from the cesspool and let the hood rats have at it! Much more peaceful outside the "railroad tracks"....

Anonymous said...

Racist much there Cedar? Maybe you just crawl back under your KKK rock and die.

Anonymous said...

12:18 does the truth hurt? Calling someone racist based on him citing facts is exactly what’s wrong with liberals.

Anonymous said...

Wow out posters for being racist and using monkey talk. Then you go off the deep end with this Nazi article? SMMFH

Its not the blacks' fault that these gang member are in the game. Charlotte needs to keep these people locked up and sent to prison. Thanks Gary!

Anonymous said...

Nazi Racist KKK

LoL the usual BS from the liberal fools.

But when someone you love is laying dead in the street because Garry McFadden's hug a thug program or because the mayor spent 200 million tax dollars to build subsided housing in Myers Park rather than retain experienced officers don't cry to people like Cedar who speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who fails to see that Blacks are to blame for how they are perceived is just plain ignorant. It is indeed a culture of violence, rap songs about killing and rape and doing time and escaping from the dumbass cops. Look up FUCK CMPD on YouTube "bustin a cap on the CMPD" isn't talking about breaking a hub cap. These mofos think this lifestyle is cool. Dying in the street having a gun and getting arrested is just part of the day to day life.

Anonymous said...

If only we could all be white

Anonymous said...

Ha, I know 3:35 is Preston.

Anonymous said...

I imagine it won't be long until the victims of this violence start getting lawyers and sue the city leaders for allowing it to happen! Releasing violent offenders over and over and over again..against the community.(You do know there are blacks, whites, Hispanics etc in our's not all white) releasing violent offenders back into society instead of contacting ICE is ludicrous! It's not a race issue, it's a common sense issue...which they lack completely! When they can't fight you with facts and common sense....out comes the race card!

Anonymous said...

So CLT just added 7 more section 8 apartments to the city's landscape. That will add up to millions in police reports, jail beds, food, burglaries, and clogged court rooms. When did we stop using common sense?

Anonymous said...

This is actually the most non-racist article with a proposed solution. The vast majority of victims are non-white. They should be the ones screaming loudest for a change in the way the city handles its criminals. The upper white have moved outward in the county, or into neighboring counties. This will continue unless the city tries to regain control of the situation. Having sympathy for murderers is not a winning plan for anyone.
If the city continues to show itself soft on felons, the Northern criminals and gangs will continue to come. Flex some muscle in the DA office, and there's hope they will land in Durham or Columbia when moving down 77 from wherever they are coming.

Anonymous said...

There can be no healing without discussing the dirty laundry in the communities. We can cry racism this and systemic this and systemic that...but what is in the heart starts at home. Poverty is linked to crime rates but not necessarily homicides. Blame govt all you want. Blame police, blame Trump, but it only affects your own community. Sad to see all the potential that could have been just wasted.

SteveN said...

On-target piece, Cedar. Kudos. It's also one (maybe THE) reason why the 'Black Lives Matter' meme isn't taken seriously. I mean if I yell 'Fight obesity' through a bullhorn while munching on a chocolate cake and dropping crumbs on a big, fat gut straining a 5X t-shirt, would anyone take me seriously??? Stop killing each other (and other races) by the bucketload and representing THE overwhelming majority of perpetrators in armed robberies and other violent crimes, and maybe I'll show some sympathy.........Meanwhile, at the Mall of America, a young black male with a history of violent outbursts at the mall and terrorizing folks just trying to drink their lattes and jones some free wi-fi grabs a white 5-year old child and throws him off a 3rd floor balcony. Get a hold of your culture or someone else will do it for you. Folks can only take so much.