Wednesday, April 17, 2019

CMPD Chief Kerr Putney Throws Veteran Officer Under The Bus

While speaking with a group of citizens Tuesday, many calling for his resignation, CMPD Chief Putney threw veteran Officer Wende Kerl under the bus.

When asked whether the officer followed procedure, Putney said, “This is one of the most troubling videos I've seen."

The video of the OIS released Monday shows Officer Wende Kerl fatally shooting Danquirs Franklin last month at a Burger King on Beatties Ford Road.

When asked: "So, if a person wants to do the right thing and they make a movement, that movement very well could get them killed?" Putney told the group "I'm not going to talk about that specific case, but if there's no communication and cooperation, then de-escalation can be much more difficult," Putney said.

Putney when on to say the investigation will be fair and unbiased. "I'm not going to defend the officer's actions. I'm not going to try to vilify Mr. Franklin. He has a fantastic mother who is struggling, and I promised her I'm going to be a fact seeker and a seeker of justice,” Putney said.

Cedar's Take:

Putney has now transformed from LE Officer to Politician, the idea of leading by example is now totally gone as is any respect from rank and file.

Everyone know Wende Kerl is top shelf stuff, yet he let her know her career is over.


You can point fingers in so many places it make me dizzy. 

Response time - Two CMPD Officers were on scene within five minutes but a three or four minute response might had made a difference. Because of staffing shortages an area that is normally heavy with LE personal had only two that could response to a very active AWDW call. 

Training - CP has said for a long time verbal commands in a stressful situation particularly with a non verbal subject are troublesome. 

One voice One command. - CP has suggested a national command "Hands UP! Don't Move" to eliminate the second guessing of Police Instructions. Mr. Franklin was told "Drop The Gun" but also "put the weapon down" and "put the gun down".

But the encounter starts with "let me see your hands", and the commands change nearly continuously over the next 40 seconds - "Now", "Sir, put the gun down", "Put it down now", "drop the gun", drop the weapon", "Get out of the way", "Drop the gun", Drop it now", "Put it on the ground". 

One command not given is "Hands Up" which in hindsight had he compiled, would have likely saved Mr. Franklin's life.

Bystanders - Police are screaming at a man crouching between two cars with guns drawn yet a Burger King employee apparently decides this is a great time to ask the manager seated in the car for time off. WTF?

Unknowns - Police Officers responding to a AWDW call are confronted with a phalanx of unknowns in this case they have just 40 seconds to fill out a 12 page questionnaire and get it right. Mental history, criminal history, who is in the car, why is he in the car, is he a hostage, is the subject on drugs or drunk?, has he shot and killed someone in the store. The list is huge. We now know Mr. Franklin had some issues.

Routines and Reactions - So much of Police work is routine; like tapping the left tail light of the car on a traffic stop as you approach the driver. Yet it is the non-routine that causes the problem when it comes to reactions. Officer Kerl's reaction to a non-verbal subject was to try different commands, which created a routine. His sudden action after countless commands with no action triggered a threat assessment that may or may not have been correct.

Given the vast amount of unknowns and a non-verbal non-compliant subject, Officer Kerl had two choices wait and risk harm to a bystander or herself or fellow Officer or stop a clear and very sudden threat.  


Anonymous said...

CP... The reason CMPD is short staffed is because they treat their officers like shit! The brass at CMPD have weaponized Internal Affairs to run off officers for relatively minor infractions. I've heard of several officers (first hand from them) that have gotten 30 day suspensions for horseshit offenses. Or they open investigations for minor things. What is the end result? Officers getting fired or resigning to go to better agencies... then the idiots who run things get on the news and complain of how short staffed we are. NO WONDER!!!!! They are a bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is fast becoming a shit hole city and the democrats like Vi Lyles and Braxton Winston and letting it happen. I know three officers who left not because of what happened to them but what they saw happen to fellow officers. The smart ones are getting out now.

Anonymous said...

So many things led up to the Burger King OIS that have been tossed out the window. It is such a long list of error mistakes and factors a train wreck of mistakes one after the other that led up to the unnecessary death of Franklin. It is tragic that the mayor and the chief as well as so many civic leaders are treating this as a race issue.

SteveN said...
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Anonymous said...

April 18, 2019 at 6:59 AM

I wouldn't call them a bunch of hypocrites. I would call them a bunch of stupid individuals.