Thursday, April 18, 2019

WBTV With Another Sad "Street Life" Story

From Charlotte's WBTV News:

It has been 53 days since Tyshawn Boyd was shot on Sugar Creek Road.

“He’d be able to cheer you up if you were having a bad day,” his mom Tynesha Boyd says.

The Boyd family has been taking his loss one day at a time. They say they have not heard anything new from detectives, since the shooting. “They still haven’t told me nothing,” Tynesha Boyd says. “So, I’m just sitting back waiting.”

They say this son and brother won’t truly be at rest, until they find answers.

“If we got any detail of anything, what happened or anything,” she says tearfully. “It’s like we don’t know nothing.” Tyshawn had just turned 21.

The WBTV story is here.

He had been charged before with crimes. The Boyds say they knew their son was not perfect. But no one deserves to be murdered. “He got in his trouble,” dad Rodney Boyd says. “But he was never out there to hurt nobody.”

His mother says she cannot guess why anyone would want to kill him.

“He was just a friend to everybody,” she says.

She adds, their family is puzzled by the missing information, after a shooting in such a busy spot.

“The bridge, intersection, stores, hotels, everything is right there,” she says. “I don’t understand, look how many witnesses.” And, they say, phone calls to detectives come up empty.

“I can always have my theories, but that don’t mean nothing,” Tynesha Boyd says. “I want something to be said out loud, I want to know, you know?”

Removed from the sad parents Tyshawn Boyd was a thug, a career felon and menace to society. That he would die on the street should be of no surprise to his parents.

His priors - Resisting, Trespassing, Possession of Firearm by Felon, Flee Elude Arrest with Motor Vehicle, Possess Stolen Firearm, Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle, in many cases more than once. Tyshawn had be arrested nine times in the 3 years leading up to his murder.

Tyshawn embraced a culture of violence that has become Charlotte's African American Community. 

Someone knows, someone can help break the cycle of violence. But the crimes Tyshawn was arrested for, are just a fraction of what he was involved in, a life of gun play and criminality that Mecklenburg County's DA failed to put a stop to. 

Tyshawn Boyd should have been in prison and Charlotte taxpayers should demand accountability, because weapons charges should not result in a slap on the wrist and probation.   

Anyone with information regarding the murder of Tyshawn Boyd is urged to call crime stoppers 704-334-1600.


Anonymous said...

Cedar you saying because he was a street thug he deserved to die?

Anonymous said...

I think that's exactly what he is saying.
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Win stupid prizes.....

Anonymous said...

These parents are just clueless, your son doesn't work he doesn't get out of bed until noon WTF people.

SteveN said...

(Quote) “He got in his trouble,” dad Rodney Boyd says. “But he was never out there to hurt nobody.” (End Quote). Well yes.....he was. If you're out there running around with stolen guns and stolen cars, they were 'stolen' from someone......ergo, someone got "hurt".

Anonymous said...

Cedar is racist. SteveN is racist. That was someone's child. He was a father.

Anonymous said...

1:08....There is nothing racist about SteveN's post. I think truth hit a bit close to home for you. Whether he is someone's son or father, he was not a good roll model for his children or his family. Nothing racist about that. You may need to look within for the true racist.

Anonymous said...

Listen...the facts are that CMPD had promoted a few blacks that have no business doing police work. Stella corrupt as Mike Camp. Bellamy is in retirement mode..good riddance. still fucking Veronica. SMH Cedar

Anonymous said...

One less POS on the streets. Sure they'll all yell racist because that's all they know. But the truth is hard to handle - you are what you make of yourself and once you realize that you really are your own master and that whitey has nothing to do with you being to worthless thug that people will call a POS when you are dead, your life suddenly begins to change.

Anonymous said...

Why is Amy Stukey complaining about getting skipped for LT? She got fucked on the job, multiple times. She no-showed as a SGT in D2. Now, we have to hear about her going to get a masters durgree. The blacks and mexicans run this PD now. Vi Lyles will determine all shots, moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Larry Deal got caught without his camera. Let's see how many days he is gonna be sitting at home. Check his poop..