Monday, April 22, 2019

Muslim Amazon Prime Driver "Allergic" To Dogs

I consider myself pretty culturally sensitive and considerate, but why would Amazon hire a Muslim driver who is “allergic” to dogs?

Both UPS and FedEx make deliveries to my home several times a week with no problems, not so much with an Amazon Prime driver who says she's allergic to dogs."

Seriously the dog is only four pounds and so how much dander could there be?

Saturday morning my cell phone springs to life with a text message - "Hi, my name is Rasheeda. I'm trying to deliver your package (but I am) allergic to dogs." - I respond quickly with "the dog is a Yorkie, she is considered 'hypoallergic" and should not cause you any problems but I will make sure she is not near the door". - In response I get nothing but crickets. 

A few minutes later I text Rasheeda again but the automated Amazon Prime system replies my text can not be sent as the text window has closed.

I review the video feed from our security system and sure enough there's Rasheeda with a Muslim Hijab standing at the end of my driveway, while my wife's four pound Yorkie barks the alarm from within the house.


About an hour later I receive an email from Amazon "We couldn't enter your building to deliver your package but we will try again later. Please add instructions to help us enter". Following the link I'm asked to provide a gate code or building access code.

I respond to Amazon with a short email suggesting that they might have the wrong address since my home is a single family residence and not in a gated community.

The response from Amazon is just bizarre:

I've read your comments and I'm sorry for the trouble. I can imagine how upsetting this would've been for you. Please allow me to assist you.

To make things clear, I've checked your order and I can see that the carrier has incorrectly scanned the package as "action required from customer for gate access", but the I've contacted the internal team and confirm the package was lost in transit and carrier is trying to retrieve the package. On a serious note, I've escalated the issue to the appropriate team to take stern action and avoid such instances in future.

I'd love to replace the item with the fastest shipping, having said that as the item is sold by "Onforu" a seller on our website and as the seller inventory keep on changing, I'm unable to proceed. I hope you understand my limitations in this issue.

**Upon reading your comments I understand the importance of the item, so I request you to place the order with the fastest shipping and write us back with the order id, we'll waive off the shipping charges.

Please accept my apologies for all the inconvenience caused to you.

To compensate the inconvenience to some extent, I've personally issued the $5.00 promotional credit to your account, which will automatically apply the next time you order an eligible item sold and shipped by I know this will not compensate the issue, but please accept this as a token of apology from my end.

Sowmya K

Well that is nice but with Amazon Prime my shipping is free.

The real truth is that many Muslims are terrified of dogs, and this includes Amazon Prime delivery driver Rasheeda who is mortified of this fur-baby that belongs to my wife.

I found this comment via Twitter: "When I go for a walk with my 2 small dogs, the Muslim children shriek and run and the adults look at me like I'm the devil and say comments in their own language".

I've come to learn out that many Muslims believe that the saliva of a dog full of germs and that they are unclean and that if you die and have the scent of a dog upon you can not enter paradise. They also believe angels will not enter a home with dogs.

Reality check - the soles of your sandals have far more germs than a dog's mouth. Having flown commercially to the middle east often on crowded airliners, I can tell you the scent of a dog would be preferable. 

Another twitter follower pointed me to this comment: 

"As an American Soldier considering of all the things I saw in Fallujah in 2004 nothing was a worse sight than that of a young Moslem girl … standing over a litter of two-week old puppies, and suddenly kicking one as hard as she could with her shod foot. The puppy screamed with pain, but at my angry intervention she merely said blankly: “But it’s unclean.”

I've heard the stories of Somali taxi drivers freaking out over passengers with trained service dogs but this is the first hand experience I've had with this apparently wide spread ignorance.

And then I re-call Mrs. Cedar's cousin telling of his time with Aramco while working for Shell Oil, and how their Muslim house keeper always insisted that his wife put their small white poodle in a closet before she'd enter their condo in the American Compound. One day the dog just disappeared and the house keeper claimed to not know what happened to it.

This is not just a preference, certainly some people don't like dogs, some don't like cats, but this is ignorance, after all these are the same people who will eat a bowl of raw rat guts for breakfast and say yum yum. 

So it baffles me why Muslims would come to a dog loving country, where 46% of households own one or more dogs.

Even more baffling why would Amazon hire a Muslim delivery driver who is scared to death to have contact with a dog?

Now I don't know this as a fact I'm going to guess one of the requirements to be a UPS driver or USPS mailman is "must love dogs".


Anonymous said...

I'm with Cedar why hire Muslims for anything? I can't imagine the risks and endless issues would be worth any wage they would be willing to accept.

Anonymous said...

I served two tours in Iraq best days were those when we had K9 guys with us, keeping a dog on a long lead made sure no haji would come within 50 feet.

Anonymous said...

Good to know Racist CP hates all people of color

Anonymous said...

This country is out of control with exceptions to hire and keep employees. If you can’t carry out the duties of your job, then quit. So many people hide behind excuses whether it’s religion, race or gender. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

I've run into this at the Staples next to Home Depot in south Charlotte. There is a very sweet soft spoken young Muslim girl wearing a head scarf working there I doubt she's more than 18. My husband and I went into the store with our Shiatzu. I carried the dog and my husband did the shopping when I put our dog on the counter to open my purse and pay you would have thought I had pointed a gun at her or the dog had pooped on the counter. She was speechless and looked at us both like we were the spawn of Satan. It never dawned on me that she would be afraid of dogs.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons freaking Muslims might want to stay out of the USA:

1) Barbequed Pork is our favorite food.

2) Our favorite sport we play with a Pigskin.

3) There are more dogs in the USA than anywhere else on earth.

4) We don't bow down or bend over to pray, ever.

5) We like our women in bikinis not burkas.

6) Muhamad was a great boxer.

7) When you ask which direction is Mecca we point down. (Interpret however you like)

8) Camels are cigarettes

9) Gas is more than $2.00

10) We have more gay men in our country than you have camels in yours.