Sunday, May 26, 2019

McFadden Inmate Luis Pineda-Ancheta Release Cost Mecklenburg Taxpayers $100,000.00

The man arrested following a nine-hour standoff in south Charlotte Thursday had been released from county jail last week because of …….. wait for it.....

Garry McFadden

Even though Federal authorities (ICE) aka immigration officials had placed a detainer on him, Luis Pineda-Ancheta was released by the liberal elite of Mecklenburg County who have decided that Charlotte should become another of the nation's sanctuary cities.  

Cooperation with federal immigration enforcement ended with the election of Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden in November who promised the Latino community they would no longer need to live in fear of deportation.

When CMPD Officers came for Luis Pineda-Ancheta the 37 year old barricaded himself inside an apartment and then proceed to play a game of hide and seek inside various other apartments he accessed by crawling across the attic of the apartment building.

As Officers tracked him within the building at times inside the walls of an apartment CMPD closed off part of Sharon Road West and much of the apartment community.  Neighbors were forced to miss work, kids came home from school parents who returned home were forced to wait it out in their cars.

Cedar's Take:

As sources explained to CP, beyond the 47 CMPD Officers on scene and special equipment including CMPD's Bear, Snoopy the police helicopter and a mobile command center and more, the cost to taxpayers is staggering, perhaps in excess of six figures. 

But the cost to neighbors, the people had their apartments broken in as Pineda-Ancheta tried to evade police in just as troubling. Damage to their property, things he stole, food he ate, money, even just using your bathroom how would you like to be that victim?

And why?

Because a liberal democrat decided that by pandering to the left he could be elected Mecklenburg County Sheriff. 

There's a reason Pineda-Ancheta was on the list, there's a reason violent offenders are denied entry to the USA, there's a reason people like Pineda-Ancheta are in this country illegally and that reason is elected officials like Garry McFadden.

Cedar Update:

After Pineda-Acheta was arrested the second time you'd think he's stay locked up, right? After all he cost Charlotte-Mecklenburg taxpayers more than $100,000, but that's not how "Amigo McFadden" rolls.

Pineda-Acheta was released by MCSO on Saturday despite ICE again requesting he not be released. Thankfully Federal Agents took Pineda-Acheta into custody on Sunday in South Charlotte without incident. Que Bueno! 


Anonymous said...

Next time this happens Chief Putney should call McFadden and have the MCSO come out and take over the work of getting them back into custody. McFadden is responsible yet CMPD has to keep cleaning up the mess he’s causing. Or better yet send the bill to the county. Where was the MCSO on this one? Back to writing BS traffic tickets?

Anonymous said...

How many days is Larry Deal suspended? Was it 2 weeks...or the full 30 days?

I wonder what he will do in his time off?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Sheriff and Fire Chief could have a Public Safety Community Meeting and telll all the great work they are doing while everybody else is taking a beating