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Homicide No. 74 Kenny Ollemi - A Common Refrain

Charlotte's 74th murder victim Keneth "Kenny" Ollemi fits the usual profile of Charlotte homicide cases: African American male and likely involved in the drug business. 

Kenny Ollemi was also a "transplant" from up north, again a common refrain, perhaps seeking a better life in the ever expanding and growing job market in the Carolinas. 

Kenny managed to stay alive dodging bullets for 29 years using his "street smarts" when in 1995 he'd let his guard down and it nearly ended his life.

From the Daily Press in Newport New News Virginia December 1, 1995:

Hampton police are investigating a drug connection in a shooting that seriously wounded a 29-year-old resident of the Merrimac Apartments Wednesday night. 

Police found several small plastic bags of cocaine and a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol beside the body, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in Circuit Court Thursday. 

The affidavit identified the victim as Kenny Ollemi. 

Ollemi shares a second-floor apartment with a woman at 217 Regent St., neighbors said. Regent Street intersects Kecoughtan Road in the Southampton area. 

Denfield Carty lives in the same building as Ollemi and was one of the people who heard one or two shots and called 911. 

Carty said he then heard a man cry out, ''I've been shot.'' He waited about five minutes before he went outside and found Ollemi on the grass behind the building. Carty said he noticed blood on the lower right side of the man's black leather jacket. 

''I touched him. He was out cold,'' Denfield said. 

Police speculate the assailant waited behind some bushes and surprised Ollemi moments after he showed up in a Nissan 300 ZX. Ollemi was walking toward the back door of the apartment building when the bullet tore into his right side. 

''A large quantity of rock cocaine was found on the ground where Kenny Ollemi fell. A black .380-semiautomatic pistol was recovered from the ground at the scene,'' the affidavit said.

Rosa Walker, Ollemi's roommate, told police that she bought the pistol. Walker also directed police to a compartment in Ollemi's car which contained more than $4,000 in cash, the court document said. 

When asked about the source of the money, Walker ''claimed that she had just cashed a SSI check. ... However, she was unable to provide documentation to substantiate this,'' the detective noted in the affidavit. 

Carty claims he never saw a pistol or any plastic bags of cocaine with the body. ''The only thing I saw on the ground were his car keys,'' he said. 

The Nissan 300 ZX that Ollemi had driven is registered to another man. Police have impounded the car. A check of Ollemi's criminal record revealed a conviction for possession of cocaine and marijuana, the document said.

You can read the rest of the story here.

Moving to Charlotte might have seemed like a good idea but the violent crime of urban metroplexes like the Tide Water area of Virginia has moved south as well. 

On Monday night, Kenny must have felt safe in the up-scale business area of IBM and Classic Drives. But he was targeted followed and killed, he knew the shooter or shooters. But even if he didn't they knew he carried a good amount of cash. Still shooting someone for $100 and a bag of crack is all part of thug life in Charloot.

The shooting on Monday night happened around midnight, just outside the back office door of Classic Graphics. 

Officers said an employee came outside and saw the car crashed in the company picnic area and found 53-year-old Kenny Ollemi shot inside. 

That person called 911 and MEDIC arrived, performed CPR and rushed Ollemi to the hospital, where emergency room staff and doctors tried to once again save Kenny's life.

Investigators said they believe Ollemi was shot inside his car while waiting to pick up a friend from work. They spent the night talking to other employees who may have seen or heard something. By day-break crime scene tape still fluttered in the cool early morning breeze a hint of fall to come in the air. 

3rd shift employees headed home as the presses turned out another glossy annual report for a Inc 1000 company. By noon less than 12 hours later things had returned to normal the yellow tape was gone and CSI techs had finished their work and Kenny's car had already been towed to a secrue location for futher forensic investigation. 

And so it goes.....


Anonymous said...

"Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"


Anonymous said...

8:45 you did not just quote South Park making fun of this guys demise did you?

Anonymous said...

This is all racist bullshit. You don't know nothing about Kenny he was not a drug dealer or a criminal. That's not even him in the photo and he never lived in Virginia you need to take this shit down now or youre going pay I will make your fu*king as* pay you racist boot licker POS!

Anonymous said...

Ha yep that's him thankfully the grim reaper finally got the job done.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sadly, they killed Kenny (not a big loss). Those bastards (one in the ground and soon one or more in the penitentiary).

The truth hurts. Live by the gun, die by the gun.

Anonymous said...

It is sad when you die on the street and the local news doesn't even comment on your passing. This brother had to be a legend.

Anonymous said...

One question remains Who Killed Kenny?

Anonymous said...

If Wende Kerl was fired for the time she commmitted fraud, she never would have shot that black dude at Burger King. Just saying...if CMPD fired her...he would still be alive.

She was steal tax dollars and not working.

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Anonymous said...

To Aug 29, 9:26, Wende was only doing God's work by taking out the trash. Last thing this city needs is another lunatic thug terrorizing people at fast food restaurants.

Anonymous said...

It was a good shoot. End of story. Yes if you slow everything down you could second guess her and suggest she could have waited to see what he was going to do with the weapon.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing someone knows why Kenny was targeted this wasn't just some street kids banging at a car this was personal.

Anonymous said...

What is really krazy is that Ray Williams has a jungle gym named after in at the Police Academy. The fat kid that he killed in the training exercise is already forgotten about. Kenny was killed buying drugs, case closed.

Anonymous said...


Does your vagina feel better after spouting that monthly gift from Aunt Flo?

Ray Williams had more “police” in his pinky than you do in your entire set of trans tits.

Anonymous said...


Does your rectum feel better after that dump of constipated internal feelings?

Ray Williams spectacularly mediocre career culminated in killing someone without ever drawing his weapon. Now he can go play "Gate Keeper" at Walmart. Why don't you join him?

Anonymous said...

The academy has traditionally been a dumping ground for weaker officers and wash outs. He's a nice guy, and let's just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Where did all of the information that is detailed in this blog come from? Not referring to the 1995 newspaper article. The accusations of him having large amount of money and drugs? Or being followed?

Anonymous said...

"An armed person should not be considered an immediate threat simply by virtue of being armed"

So many cops are going to get hung in court on that policy. You can have a gun in your hand, and not be a threat to a cop. What does everyone think about the new policy??????

Anonymous said...

I think I am going fishing

Anonymous said...

Who killed Kenny? Better question who cares?