Tuesday, November 26, 2019

CMPD Chief Admits "Hug-a-Thug" Not Working

After four years of rising violent crime and a record setting pace of homicides this year, CMPD's Kerr Putney says repeat violent offenders are the problem. Something CP has been saying since the liberal judiciary and elected officials in Charlotte started the "No Bail Fail" program in 2015.

Yesterday CMPD Chief Putney took to the airwaves giving one on one interviews with all the local media.

The web post of last night's interview from WBTV:

By David Hodges | November 25, 2019 at 7:04 PM EST - Updated November 25 at 10:09 PM CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) 

In a one-on-one interview with WBTV Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said that other partners in the criminal justice system need to “step up.” 

Putney said that CMPD has done as much as it can to fight the rising homicide count and that accountability needs to be shared. “The other criminal justice partners they have to step up, hold these repeat violent offenders accountable,” Chief Putney said. “I was saying it in the summer I’m saying it now I’m going to continue to say it until we have some movement.” 

CMPD reports that there have been 97 (CP Shows 98 after adjustments) homicides in Charlotte this year, far more than any year in recent history. Putney has previously said that CMPD receives too much attention for the homicide rate when other agencies also share the burden for fixing the problem. 

“At this point do you feel like everyone in the criminal justice system is taking responsibility for what’s happening with the homicide rate in the city of Charlotte?” WBTV Investigative Reporter David Hodges asked Putney. 

“I feel like the police department has,” Putney said. 

“But not some of the others?” Hodges asked. 

“I feel like the police department has. You need to ask them what they’ve done,” Putney said. "I can tell you what we’ve done. Violent crime arrests are up 18 percent, we’ve increased the number of illegal guns seized from the street, our people are engaging with the community in ways we never have, we’re having a huge policy change in the area of use of force. 

“We fundamentally changed and improved the way we’ve done business. Ask the rest of the partners if they’ve done so,” Putney said. 

Putney focused on the issue of repeat violent offenders and how the problem has provided fuel to the violent crime problem in Charlotte. 

“Have we gone too far with how some of these violent offenders are getting out on a relatively short timeline?” Hodges asked. 

“I think the beginning at its core was flawed,” Putney said. 

"The intent is low level non violent offenders and we (CMPD) continue to give them second chances." 

"However repeat violent offenders is a totally different and separate and apart topic. It is much more threatening to the safety of the community than low level first time offenders and that’s why we have to be strategic." 

“We can’t lump them all into the same category. We gotta be specific and intentional about how we go after repeat offenders s that we can have that accountability and we can reduce violent crime.”

Putney also called for more investments to be made in community programs that support youth and community engagement in historically dangerous neighborhoods. 

“There’s money that exists, we need to invest in those programs that work and we to do so yesterday,” Putney said.

CP has said and will continue to say that "The African American Community has become a culture of violence embracing gun play and criminality" 

While Black leaders in Charlotte will say that they are not violent, they via their silence condone and accept this sort of behavior. The common refrain of acceptance is that Charlotte is a big city and this sort of violence and crime is to be expected.

I say bullshit!

What Chief Putney won't say is that of the 97/98 homicides 73 of those individuals arrested for murder are African American and only 5 are white. Of those arrested 70% based on WBTV measurement had prior arrests for violent offenses. CP says based on records publicly avaiable nearly 78% had priors.

Vi Lyles, Garry McFadden, Judge Reagan Miller, are on the list that is shockingly long of elected leaders who have remained silent . Those who elect them equally share in the blame for this tragic situation. It is time for a change in regime. 

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Anonymous said...

It's simple. Are you an American or are you Democrat?

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust anyone at CMPD. Not the chief, not the patrol sgts, nobody.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness this isn't all Putney's fault. Yeah, he put some policies in place, promoted people he shouldn't have etc., but this can go back to the beginning of the end with the Obama administration and he and Holder putting forth memos, funding various causes, that would allow criminals back onto the street, not hold them accountable for all of the crimes they committed and shortening their sentences. Then the hood starts to talking that you ain't gotta do shit for murderin' someone and you just walk out of jail and boom...here we are! As long as Michelle's Allied Universal people continue to make me feel safe, I'm still partying down at Whiskey River and the Epicenter!

Anonymous said...


Buddy, shut up. Dont even bring in Obama and Holder to this convo. Putney has allows some many black people to come to power and ruin the government system in our city. He allows ankle monitors to be taken off people so they can go to charity events. He erases KBCOPs reports that implicate black officers in crime and theft. Putney is a bad guy.

Anonymous said...

Putney is a POS TWUNT.

Anonymous said...

We have a problem and when Charlotte finally gets around to saying enough is enough it will be too late. Nothing like achieving shit hole status of Baltimore thanks to a liberal run city council and administration.

Anonymous said...

CMPD and CFD are full of competent workers that will never get promoted to a position where they can really make a difference until both administrations are cleaned out. This city will continue down its pathway to destruction until police and fire are fixed at the top layer. Yes people can not correct these issues. The Mayor and City Council need to take a long hard look at what has occurred since Carlee has left and take some action. Norfolk Va had the most murders on record the last year Marcus Jones was Manager up there. Council does establish the policy but the manager enforces said policies and public safety has taken a major hit in the last three years on some liberal enforcement.

Anonymous said...

And there it is...number 100 for the year. Feeling sorry for my brothers still on the department. So glad I'm retired from that shitshow.

Anonymous said...

100 that is actually sad. Kid was 19 anyone know who he was?

Chip Starr said...

Yes son of a Cabarrus County Deputy white kid no priors wrong place wrong time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that deputy's son. tragic.
off topic, anyone know whatever happened with Michael Santiago's case?
for those of you who don't know he's the officer that copped a feel at the Roxbury with some ho

Anonymous said...

Cedar is a fucking racist. If that kid was a nig then you would say he probably was selling drugs. If its a white kid at some random shopping center at 2am..yeah he was waiting to buy some school books or something.

Racist cedar mouth! Is Michelle single or nope?

Anonymous said...

Aw fo reals damn our dysfunctional livin'

Anonymous said...

Well 6:14 it was a white kid and it was 9:57 PM and I expect shit is gonna get real for the noogies around University City.

Bleep bloop said...

Chief feels free to speak truth to power since he is leaving. In many cases he's right.

What you can't do is speak truth to power to him or most of the command when they are wrong. Or you will be targeted.

A good leader accepts good criticism. Keeps you humble. Random angry emails are probably not the best approach.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, interesting to know your opinion of this article. When I retired, one of the many forms I was given asked if I wanted to come back as a reserve officer. This was shortly before the reserve program was abolished per Chief Monroe. Of course I checked "no."

Just curious if the later retirees were given a similar form asking if they wanted to be "rehired?" If so, is this not the same situation as Chief Putney? Planning to come back as a rehire prior to retiring. Should make for some interesting conversations.

Maybe Monroe could come back as temporary chief if Putney retires.


Anonymous said...

Chief gets a bonus to stay for 3 months until the RNC. What a fucking circus. I heard Bellamy is almost a retirement. He is a racist, too.