Thursday, November 14, 2019

What's In a Number CMPD says Charlotte is at 96 Homicides - But is it?

Former CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe used to joke "where am I hiding the bodies?" 

The answer is you can’t hide the bodies, but you can certainly skew the numbers. The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting data base provides guidance but there is also a pretty large grey area.

Clearly CMPD would like to keep the number of murders under 100 but is that an accurate picture of violent crime in Charlotte? 

One way to tweak the numbers is to not claim the body. 

Example: CMPD Officers respond to a car crash and determine the driver has several gunshot wounds. The driver later dies, yet his name does not show up in the CMPD list of homicides because he was shot inside Mint Hill city limits and then died in Charlotte.  

And while that keeps CMPD's number down it doesn't change the FBI UCR Numbers, since Mint Hill, Pineville, Matthews and Huntersville numbers are included in the FBI Data Base for Charlotte.

Justified homicides are still homicides although the numbers are removed from the count, since the theory is if it’s justified it’s not a crime.

The North Carolina medical examiner's office has four classifications, natural cause, suicide, homicide or unknown/undetermined. Maybe we need a "undecided"?

CMPD says that the homicide count stands at 96, but in reality Mecklenburg County has already experienced 110 homicides.

The reason for the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting numbers is not to place blame but to understand trends that affect all of us and affect our economy. These trends also affect our daily lives, how we raise our children, where we raise our children, the perception of our community and like it or not it, trends give us a truer picture of ourselves as a society.

Officer involved shootings account for 3 of this year's homicides. Even though they are justified the victims are no less dead and their deaths no less violent.

So who are the missing bodies?

1/16/2019 Michael Daniel Kelly Age 32 Officer Involved Shooting Justified 
2/14/2019 Wallace Scranton, III Age 39 Justified
2/15/2019 Robert Demarcus McManus Age 21 Justified 
2/16/2019 Keith Jawaun Samuels Age 21 Mint Hill Jurisdiction 
3/25/2019 Danquirs Napoleon Franklin Age 27 Officer Involved Shooting Justified 
6/23/2019 Joshua David Griffin Age 22 Mint Hill Jurisdiction 
7/6/2019 Jonathan Troy Swierski Age 20 Matthews Jurisdiction Ruled Accidental 
8/2/2019 Delano Williams Age 55 Officer Involved Shooting Justified 
8/8/2019 Qwanterrius D. Stafford Age 16 Justified 
9/4/2019 Richard Clements Age 27 Justified 
9/28/2019 Jervon Romell Sloan Age 30 Justified 
10/14/2019 Vira Hryhoriva Nahorna Age 79 Matthews Jurisdiction 
10/26/2019 Jimmy Lee Tilley Age 58 Accidental/Undecided 
11/6/2019 Michael Ogle Age 59 Huntersville Jurisdiction 

Mecklenburg County is at 110 total homicides and that is 14 more that CMPD's number. A death toll we have not experienced since the drug and gang related murders of the late 80's and early 90's and yet Mayor Vi Lyles is silent even though many people are now calling for change.

But Lyles is more concerned about her social agenda than crime, and so it goes.


Anonymous said...

All three officer involved shootings were justified. They were all good shoots. It could be argued the Franklin was not justified but as Putney has said a gun is a game changer. My thinking is Wendy needs to resign. She knows it was a mistake justified or otherwise it was still a mistake. I'm not tossing her under the bus I'm just saying stay in the car from now on. Just watch and see.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the CMPD numbers are all over the place and that nothing matches with the FBI numbers. Now it makes sense, solve Charlotte's crime problem by having all murders happen in Pineville. Hell we should pass a law!

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of fluff in the numbers. Rodney under-reported crime. Made it look like he was doing an awesome job but the truth is he was setting up the next chief to fail.

Low morale dated equipment lack of training yet crime was falling look at auto theft. In order to keep the number improving his last year there were nearly zero reported MV Theft but 100's of unauthorized use charges. The list of shady Rodney tricks is long and its made Putney's life hell because even if crime is down the Rodney numbers make it look like it out of control.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You're a gutless turd.