Monday, November 11, 2019

Why Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles Won't Address Crime

What do Scottsdale, AZ, Los Angeles, San Jose, Boston and New York have in common?

First lower violent crime rates than Charlotte, and second a severe affordable housing crisis.

Scottsdale 1.99/100,000
Los Angeles 7.01/100,000
San Jose 3.08/100,000
Boston 8.35/100,000
New York 3.39/100,000
Charlotte 9.40/100,000

(based on 2017 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting numbers)

Believe it or not, cities with higher costs of living (aka affordable housing shortages) have nowhere near crime rates of cities with affordable housing.

Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, New Orleans have numbers at 40 or higher.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles wants to turn Charlotte into a bug light for crime by pushing a social agenda that holds dear things like, affordable housing, bans on deportations, no bail for violent and repeat offenders.

Affordable housing is a big issue for Charlotte so let me repeat this fact: in cities where there is little affordable housing, violent crime is nearly non-existent.

Cities where living is cheap, sadly attract a social class that is prone to drugs, violence and crime. 

The majoriy of New Yorker's apparently don't have the time for violent crime or drugs because they have to get up in the morning and go to work!

A double homicide on Lytham Drive seems out of character for a neighborhood on the door steps of Quail Hollow Country Club.

But the home apparently was a know drug house. 

Janet Elizabeth Scronce one of the victims had a history of drug use with misdemeanor and felony priors for possession. She was also the mother of two childern.

Janet Elizabeth Scronce Courtesy MCSO

And while the statements given police are this was a disagreement over cleaning charges or something it is resonably clear this was a drug deal gone sour. 

A 75 year old grandfather named Caldwell Cole is now in the custody of Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden, charged with her murder and that of Furahn Woods-Morrow aka Morrow Woods. Only some drug crazed grandpa would shoot three people over a bag of weed!

Cladwell Cole Courtesy MCSO

And yet, Charlotte's Mayor will not speak out about the surge in violent crime across the city because the action that needs to be taken to stop Charlotte from becoming Baltimore or Detroit goes against her political platform of no bail, no deportations and affordable housing.

The answer is to elect a mayor and city council that believes that lengthy incarceration of violent offenders and market priced housing is the only answer.


Anonymous said...

Keep gazing at the stars and dreaming! You aren't going to get any response from the current council or Mayor on this issue for the obvious reasons already discussed ad-nauseam....

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing from several sources she was a total meth head, trying to get clean just never could stay away from the shit.

I'm not sure if posting her mug shot is in poor taste of if it might help someone see themselves and get help.

Druggie dope dealer or not she didn't deserve to die on her doorstep after getting shot by some stupid nig.

Anonymous said...

You have to know that this city is going under, and will turn into a city from the north. People will sell and move to the suburbs. Moorefield is going to move to the cemetary.

Anonymous said...

Another homicide today in Westover Division, how many is that now?

Anonymous said...

Grant Holmes come out and playyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

Since when does VCAT go public with a BOLO? This Derrick McIlwain dude is on bad mofo yet the media won't give a full description why? Is it because they are afraid to say he's black or because they figure we all ready know that?

Anonymous said...

CATS is paying 100k? Where do I sign up? This Central Division shit is getting old. Aint nobody doing nothing around here any how.

Anonymous said...

Any word of motive on that Quail Hollow area homicide in South Division??

Anonymous said...

0519 might want to go take a patrol. Don't want another doctor get capped on your watch.

Bleep bloop said...

S@#$ no place is safe anymore. Even South Charlotte having double homicides.

Anonymous said...

CATS is paying $100k a year for looser officers that used to work the airport, then got bounced when CMPD took over. Her and her University of Phoenix degree are probably very happy there. She was never a good cop anyway and she's probably making more to do less than she ever did as a cop.... You know who you are. PS, your baby daddy Tracy Miller says hello..

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the gays that got beat up in the street outside the LEC. Wasn't anyone looking out the windows?

Anonymous said...

Nigga, how you gonna talk shit about U of Phx with half this place has degrees from Phifer and Strayer? Toss your $$$$$$ in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

10:23, talk all the shit you want. My 4 year degree from Pfeiffer earns me an additional 10% every year. Hate on hater.

Anonymous said...

The people in this house took it over when the owner went to jail bc hes a scumbag sec offender. They run drugs and prostitutes out of that house. They robbed people and used drugs and had zero regard for healthy life. The girls in that house preyed on that man. Set him up, robbed him. WENT TO HIS HOUSE STOLE HIS DECEASED WIFE THINGS THEN KNOCKED HIM OUT.

NO ONE is perfect and I'm not at all defending violence nor filth houses but that GRANDPA is not drug crazed.He retired from two school systems AND herscht celanese. He occasionally paid a girl for company bc hes so lonely. Very YUCK behavior...but perhaps you could focus more on the actual issue rather than very distatefully shaming two young childrens mother as well as maybe not ASSUMING someone's grandfather is on DRUGS.
Yes more to the story.
No, you didnt get close to accurate.
Maybe you should report on the suspicious dead body found INSIDE THE SAME HOUSE ON LYTHAM DRIVE a few years ago. The owner just stayed gone for almost a year and it just DISAPPEARED

Anonymous said...

Oh well. As the old saying goes.
Lay down with dogs......

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr Cole's got his stolen watch back from the hookers? Anyway, the neighborhood is a lot safer and quieter with these 2 lowlifes eliminated.

Anonymous said...

If ifs and buts were hickory nuts, we would all have a merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Lowering the homicide rate is simple. Just have officers shave, cover their tattoos and wear a tie! Maybe a mock turtleneck will help.