Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Atlanta Area Shooting - Robert Aaron Long - Arrested

Eight people were killed and several others injured in a series of shootings at three Asian spas in the Atlanta area on Tuesday. The suspect, a man from Woodstock, Georgia, has been taken into custody in connection with all three incidents, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office announced Robert Aaron Long, a 21-year-old white man, was arrested at about 8:30 p.m. local time following a chase that led officers into Crisp County — about three hours away from where the first shootings at a massage parlor occurred, according to police who spoke during a brief press conference. Long was transported to the Crisp County Detention Center, police said.

Records searches into Long's background do not show any prior criminal history.

The FBI is assisting Cherokee County and Atlanta PD in this investigation, Kevin Rowson, a spokesman for FBI's Atlanta office stated.

The photo released by the sheriff's office of Robert Aaron Long, the suspect in the massage parlor shootings in Georgia. Photo Courtesy of Cherokee County Sheriff's Office.

Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office said when officers arrived at Young's Asian Massage, two victims were already dead and another three were still alive. The wounded were taken to a local hospital, but two have since died. One of the victims was a man, as is one survivor, officials said.

The names of the four victims killed at Young's Asian Massage, as well as that of the person who was injured, have not been released by authorities.

About an hour after that shooting, Atlanta police officers were called to respond to a robbery in progress at Gold Spa. Once there, they discovered the bodies of three women who had been fatally shot. Moments later, officers were called to a another shooting across the street at a different spa — Aromatherapy Spa — one more woman was found dead of a gunshot wound.

Authorities said many of the victims appeared to be women of Asian descent. None of the names of the injured or deceased have been publicly released yet.

Police have not explained what Long's motive might be, but the killings come as violence against Asian Americans has spiked in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Stop AAPI Hate tracks reports of violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Since March 19, 2020, around the start of the pandemic, until Feb. 28 of this year, the organization received 3,795 incidents of "hate incidents" against the Asian American community, according to a report the organization released Tuesday.

It said that number represents a fraction of the true number of hate crimes committed against the community. These incidents range from verbal harassment and shunning to more extreme acts of physical attacks.

Following reports of the shootings in Atlanta, police in New York and Seattle said they are boosting law enforcement presence in Asian American communities.

The Asian Americans Advancing Justice, an Atlanta-based legal advocacy nonprofit, said late Tuesday that the organization is "shaken by the violence in our city."

Cedar's Take;

This is a developing story. Some things reported by the media will later turn out to be wrong. We will focus on reports from officials and other authorities, credible news outlets and reporters who are at the scene.

While it is clear the target of the attacks are "Asian Spas" it remains to be determined if this was actually a hate crime or some sort of sex trade related attack. The removal of escort ads on BackPage and Craig's List and the dead of other escort media outlets like big doggie has pushed the sex trade back into the shadows leaving "Asian Spas" as the only visible exception. 

CP has no idea why this blight is tolerated, but they are everywhere around Atlanta. 


Anonymous said...

This doesn't appear like he had a very happy ending. Why is the national media interviewing the police chief of Atlanta? None of these happened in Atlanta's city limits, so doubt he has any involvement in this case.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people like Asian women but I can't see why anyone would go to one of these places, even if they offer the "four happiness" special. Cedar you need to post the HONG KONG DONG joke again.

Anonymous said...

So to quote Joe Biden "here's the deal" obviously a Trump supporter Nazi White Supremacist 2nd Amendment Supporter and Nut Case. About once or twice a year we get one of these Sandy Hook, Charleston, Las Vegas, yep let hope this is this year's quota.

AS for the African American Biden Liberals we are on number 207th Black multi victim shooter this year.

So less than .00005 percent of the population vs thugs with guns.

So don't give me BS about disproportional traffic stops of AA in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

So a dispute over the "victimless" crime of prostitution results in 8 hookers shot and how does the media spin it? It is racism against Asian women...

Anonymous said...

Wow look at the left run with the "Asian Hate Crime" theme. Wait till they learn an "assault weapon" was used. Add the confederate battle flag and a Trump bumper sticker and how black and brown people are all victims.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, I agree it is a developing story. But, many have drawn their own conclusions--whereas no one was really concerned with sex and human trafficking among Asian women until this happened, now it is the hot topic. Wait, not it's not. The focal point is again, white supremacy. My personal take, given what we know, is that this shooter probably has some mental issues, probably has some trouble with the ladies, and perhaps that focal point is Asian women. But, what do I know? I'm aware enough to admit those are all assumptions. What he did is heinous, inexcusable. Life sentence and death penalty for sure. There are no mitigating circumstances, unless he is found to be insane. But, the forces that be have to take advantage of the "White men are keeping us down," narrative. I can say from personal (professional) experience, a disproportionately high percentage of immigrants who are trafficked are done so by their own people. And--some just see that there is good money in it and do it for themselves (from all walks of life, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, etc.)

So, why they were present in these business and what they were doing and why they were doing it (or not doing it) is irrelevant--until we determine the motivation of the shooter.

Does he hate/resent Asians? Ok, hate crime.

Does he hate prostitutes? Grey area.

Does he hate women a la Incel? Yeah, hate crime against women...not racist.

Does he miss colonialism and fantasizes that he is a provincial governor in French Indochina who can have any woman he pleases? Did this not play out so he went and shot them? Maybe racism and white supremacy. But probably just bat shit crazy.

The point is, you can't draw conclusions to fit your preconceived notions and narrative, unless you care about the narrative more than what actually happened. This is the problem with our society, aka "There it goes again, whitey keeping us minorities down."

I hate that it is popular and hip to blame everything on racist undertones, overt racism and male white privilege all of a sudden. You can argue the privilege if you want--I can even acquiesce to a degree. But privilege does not equal oppression or consequence from personal action. People are claiming white privilege is why this shooter was not killed and why the LE PIO stated 'he had a bad day.' I imagine that was gleaned from interviews and interrogations with the suspect.

People wonder why their legitimate claims of racism are often dismissed or not taken seriously. It is because every time it is convenient--someone cries, "Wolf!!!"

In my personal life, I have black friends that I guess you would call 'woke.' We get there is institutional racism, but you can't blame everyone. Hell, you can play it to your advantage. I have a friend that owns a successful, fully black owned and staffed business, which is growing at a great rate. If he feels like he can do better some days and in some by having a 'clean cut white guy' show up somewhere, he calls me. I don't work for him. I don't have to. We're friends. Friends help each other out. We don't get butt hurt because there are both black and white people who are incredibly racist. We just laugh at their ignorance and misery and take care of our own.

You will never fix the world. There are too many stupid people on both sides. You just have to make your corner of the world a happy place. The masses have it wrong. They want to change the world and burn down their own neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

This piece of shit does not get a pass. He killed people. Get rid of him.

If there is really an underlying, or obvious hate/discrimination/etc of Asian’s, we gotta fix that. Not a good thing. Has to be worked on.

However... I’d like to just point out that the shooter was a known product of a conservative Christian group that seeks to convert Gay people to straight people, and get people to stop thinking about sex and stop looking at porn. He had been taught self hate and suppression of natural desires for a long time, by people who follow fairy tales and continue to apply the “rules” and ideas of a book supposedly written thousands of years ago, to current issues etc. Religion is a fucking plague. It is dangerous. There are some great religious people out there, a lot of good ideas, a lot of folks who seem to have been helped by it. However, on the whole, religion is fucking dangerous and people need to open up their damn eyes and realize that shit like this happens when you try to force fit your stupid thoughts, ideas and ancient wives tales on top of modern issues, mental illness, and stressors.

I’m getting spun up about religion. Sorry. I do not want to offend my fairy tale loving friends. Good people. I hope to see you at Cracker Barrel after church (after Jesus ends the pandemic. Tell him I say thanks for doing that, but it is a LIIIIIITTLE fucked up he let the devil kill over half a million Americans, and even more world wide. Booooo devil, yaaaaaa Jesus). It was just gods plan? Was it Gods plan for all the Asians in the massage parlors to die? I’m confused. Anyway.

The heart of the matter here is a poorly managed mental health issue. This dude has probably been taught self hate for a long time, and fucked up ways of dealing with mental illness. He was a known customer of Asian spas. He either got rejected at one or two when he expected sexual favors (because we all know, none of them do that for real... that’s just a fucked up stereotype/ racist joke from the movies). Being rejected, he was possibly mad, and decided to take it out on them. Does not get a pass. OR, he was trying to do some fucked up elimination of desire, which is an idea he probably got confused on in his “counseling”... doesn’t get a pass. I could go on, but you guys don’t care.

Just saying, maybe it’s deeper than he just doesn’t like Asian people. Like, just because some crazy ass white dude, who has been ruined since birth by fucked up religious ideas, taught self hate, and maybe should have just been allowed to watch porn,masturbate, make out with dudes, whatever he’s in to... just because that guy killed people, that aren’t also white... doesn’t make this a “hate of Asians” crime.

I’m not suggesting a pass for anything he’s done. I’m just saying can we quit falling for the “race” thing. Now the Asians are all spun up, and I just think it’s deeper than race.

Or maybe it IS that simple. Maybe he just hates Asians. And that is fucked up. I hope he gets put away for a long time. They won’t kill his ass. That would be too simple. Too right.

Anonymous said...

^^. 9:40am.. ok Dr. Phil. Please continue to bloviate on how you've analyzed this whole case simply by what they released in the media. You must be some kind of super-cop! Please continue to alienate yourself as you insult 1/2 the population that ARE believers.. That is what is different and unique about Christianity... Jesus accepts everyone... even the criminal-mentally ill. Yes, this kid was probably deranged in his own way but lets not speculate as to his motives and lets not assume it is because of his loosely held Christian belief. I guess he missed that Sunday school class where they taught Thou Shall Not Kill.

Anyway.. anyone hear anything on the pledge fund?

Anonymous said...

@5:45 Dr. Phil is a fucking saint, and I am proud to be thought of in the same company as that beautiful bald stud with his “stupid is as stupid does” Forrest Gump way of responding to almost anything. THANK YOU for such a compliment!

Now, I am very accepting of Christians. They are fine people. Serve some of the best chicken sandwiches in town! I still think they look to a fairy tale for guidance, get up early on a Sunday for no reason, and talk to imaginary people in the sky on their brain phones before dinner. I accept it, but it’s still just nonsense to me. All good though. I can appreciate tax exemptions and altar boy scandals.

Christianity isn’t unique, by the way. Cults have been a thing for a LOOOOOONG time. Christianity is just the most successful and accessible one.

Did anyone see the news story that just came out about the (now former) pastor/priest having a threesome on a pew (or was it an altar), in front of a window that could plainly be seen from the street?! Filmed it. Church obviously has to act like they didn’t like that. They burned the altar/pew, brought in a new one, prayed over it, and things are good again. Like magic. Still smells like sex in the church, but it’s good for grandma to come get prayed up for the week and play bingo on Wednesday nights again. Go look it up! That guy knows how to party!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw that Phil. Doesn’t make it right. By the way, did you see this?

Anonymous said...

I watched your video. I’m a believer now. Thank you for showing me truth. Showing me salvation. Let’s go swimming.

pworld said...

Hey Cedar let’s be fair and talk about the white nut in Colorado Boulder that shot up the grocery store today !

pworld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pworld said...

Vanilla Isis strikes again!

pworld said...

Good Lord he killed 10 people including police officer. Stimulus checks just came out what hell are you mad at ?

Anonymous said...

Gods plan. Prayers.

Anonymous said...

7:50 pworld, Why don't you yank your foot out of your mouth if possible...The Colorado shooter wasn't white. He was middle eastern and his name was Ahmad Al-Issa. You are such a racist asshat!

Anonymous said...

Where’s Dr. Phil with the proverbial anti Muslim rhetoric? Or is it just Christians that get slammed for the one or two bad apples in our bunch?

Anonymous said...

The colorado shooter is a MUSLIM and a brown skinned person. Even the media tries to brighten up his photos to look white.


Anonymous said...

Religion is overrated.
Please pray to the celestial Santa Claus to ease our sufferings here on earth. Amen.

Anonymous said...

1807: You'll find out some day I guess. Cant stop the clock, laying in a bed staring at a ceiling light hoping someone will change your diaper. Whatever ones beliefs are you will die sooner then you think. Just suck up all the pain and suffering on the way there or relax.

Anonymous said...

Don’t Dr. Phil me!! The video that guy at 7:44 showed me got me feelin all kinds of ways. I’m a believer now. So, don’t go throwin shade my way. I’m prayed up, prayed on, went swimmin, all dried off, called Jesus on my brain phone, and I’m headed to Cracker Barrel with everybody else.

So, don’t come at me with your anti Atheist rhetoric. I’m not that now. I’m a Christian. It was gods plan that 10 people got killed in a grocery store. He needed them more at home. Their families will grow from this. The dead will get to look down on their loved ones and smile at them as they go through life. That cops 7 kids and wife will be fine, because they will be in Jesus’ hands. Angels will surround them. Their dad won’t be there for A LOT of important things, but God will. The devil shops at the same grocery store as the 9 customers that died, which I think is crazy bad luck for them, but whatever... God is more of a Walmart shopper, and that is a lesson that should be paid attention to.

And while we’re being accepting of other people... are we POSITIVE the shooter was Muslim? Muslim, being a follower of Islam. Maybe HE was atheist??! Maybe his parents were Muslim, but he’s a Christian?! Maybe he was a Muslim, but he converted to Christianity? Maybe he was adopted by a Muslim family as a baby, but he is 100% Catholic? Also, aren’t Muslims a peaceful people? Except for Jihad? I don’t know. I just got to the part in the Bible where the girl gets pregnant by another dude, and her pimp takes her across the desert so she doesn’t get stoned by the other dudes in the village, and they have to give birth in a homeless camp because they don’t have enough money for a room, and a bunch of other transients show up to bother her right after giving birth, which is what any woman would want. Combing through all of this is confusing, but as a new Christian, I’m sure it just takes a min to get it down, and make videos and guilt everyone else reciting things over and over out of the same book in different and force fit ways. I’m good from the start though, right? Like, I get in because of the swim, right?

I’ve been reading a lot of it on my own, but I feel like next week when I’m at Sunday school, I’ll ask them to clear it all up for me.

Anonymous said...

9:13 Stop being a jerk. He was a Muslim of Syrian descent. Deal with it. He was also known to the fbi. Here is a quote from someone that knew him -sourced from the fox article below it.

"Marvel also told the Post how Alissa "would talk about him being Muslim and how if anybody tried anything, he would file a hate crime and say they were making it up."

Anonymous said...

10:37 Yep, eye for an eye. I wish someone had the nuts to shoot that fucker in the head. And Cain did Murder Able.
"In a jealous rage, Cain murdered Abel. Cain then became a fugitive because his brother's innocent blood put a curse on him."

It'll never stop until one man is standing, deal with it fucktards. It doesn't matter what diaper wearing shithead is in Office.

Or the belief that first monkey crushed the other monkeys head with a rock.

Defund the police!!lol

Anonymous said...

Dr. Phil here,
I was just being a jerk. It’s interesting to see everyone get fired up. I don’t really think this way in my daily life. It takes me FOREVER to come up with this material, I just enjoy seeing how everyone is going to respond. Some of you took the bait. It’s the Internet. I’ll stop.

Hate it for the victims of all these shootings. We need more guns on the streets, and more people willing to use them. I feel like we can all at least agree on that!

Everybody be safe.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Mainstream media isn't interested in this racist assault against Asians.