Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Deshawn Alfonzo Williamson Another VI Lyles No Bail Fail Murderer

Tuesday CMPD arrested Deshawn Williamson and charged him with the February 19, 2021 murder of Noah Feaster.

Deshawn Alfonzo Williamson Source MCSO

With dozens of arrests yet few convictions Deshawn Williamson has been a one man crime spree.

Finally convicted in Union County of  Felony Auto B&E (5 Counts) Larceny of firearms and Auto Theft in Union County, Williams was sentenced to 5 years supervised Probation on September 21, 2018. 

Mr. Williamson's Mecklenburg arrests total more than a dozen in 2019 alone. Charges ranged from weapons, drugs, stolen credit cards, Felony Auto B&E, and stolen cars. But the Mecklenburg County DA apparently dropped all the charges last year.

Then on the night of February 11, 2021 CMPD officers would attempt to stop Williamson. Just a simple traffic stop. Williamson took off, then after reportedly crashing his car, Williamson was arrested and charged with Fleeing to Avoid (arrest) with a motor vehicle a felony.

Booked at the MCSO Intake Center just before 11 pm that night, he would be released within minutes on an unsecured bail of $5,000.00. No Cash Bail despite being on probation and having an extensive criminal history.

Within a week he would according to the arrest warrant shoot and kill Noah Feaster, the following Friday night on Berryhill Road. 

Cedar's Take:

Its become just comical, Mecklenburg County DA Spencer Merriweather is a joke. Chief Judge Trosh is the court jester. Their "woke" agenda has turned Charlotte's streets into a killing field.

Then add WCNC's wokeness and virtue signaling. While reporting on Williamson's arrest the station then declined to broadcast or post his mug shot for the following stated reasons:

Welcome to Vi Lyes' and Braxton Winston's version of HELL Charloot!


Anonymous said...

Some smart guy once said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

At what point does the local governance accept that giving violent felons second, third, fourth and fifth chances is insane?

Vote Vi Lyes out of office and run the table on the current slate of judges.

Big Bopper said...

My pleasure...Mr. Hoodrat

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden says the problem is guns and lack of gun control. I might be crazy but it seems the issue is really rodent control.

Anonymous said...

If you are not outraged by the fact that this felon was released on a no cash bail by Garry McFadden only a week before he killed someone, your moral compass is busted.

I can't believe that the only people reporting this fact is this obscure blog.

I get that fact that Noah Feaster who was also Black was no angel but it could has just as easily been your son or daughter.

If you don't get that and Vi Lyles clearly doesn't but if you don't these circus clowns like McFadden and JJ and Spencer will never get it.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden's Five Point Plan To Combat Crime:

1) Deny Everything

2) Blame Trump

3) Defund The Police

4) Ban The Enforcement of Traffic Laws

6) Catch and Release All People of Color

Anonymous said...

You know most the Black folk causing all this trouble aren't from Charlotte. Start with Vi Lyles yeah she went to Queens Collage but she's not from Charlotte. Black folk raised here are far more upset about how things are than they let on.

Mayfield JJ Merriweather they are all from elsewhere.

The ones from up North are the worst they all have chips on their shoulders.

The are the real racists. I see them giving the evil eye to white people all the time and I ask what's wrong with you? You don't know that man? Fools everyone of them.

Anonymous said...

BLM in action!

Anonymous said...

He is now a customer! We all must accept that!

Anonymous said...

Deshawn Williamson, AKA Swagg, has been the subject of interest in multiple murders. Glad to see CMPD could finally pin one on him. Now let’s see what happens at papering….

Anonymous said...

All this Black Hate Cedar Mouth you must be one unhappy POS

Anonymous said...

You get what you get!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Hood Rat! We appreciate your contributions to society and value you as a customer. We also understand your feelings and sympathize with you. We hope your short stay at the Mecklenburg County Hotel will be comfortable and hopefully the DA's Office will be able to see that deep down you really are a good person and deserve another chance.
And as always, you will receive a survey about our service and would really appreciate a positive rating!
I think it will go something like that?

Anonymous said...

Daytona Beach Officer totally being straight up nice to a thug obviously up to no good. Gets shot in the face because he's trying to be a nice guy about it.

No F-ing way that you jump out of your car with an attitude I'm not drawing my weapon. You just better pray I'm not on my fourth Starbucks of the night.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chief JJ,

If you can’t understand the fundamental differences between what we do and what for profit companies do then you are far too stupid to be in charge of this agency. Perhaps a smaller agency with less reach might be more your speed. Perhaps I could recommend a place like Top Flight Security?

Companies sell things and require brand loyalty to exist. What are we selling that people can get elsewhere? If you think what we do is in any way similar to what Chick-fil-A does then you’ve been on the third floor for way too long. C’mon down and take a marked unit and answer some calls for a few hours and see how this works.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait a second ...chic fil a is closed on Sundays....I ll take permanent Sundays off. My pleasure !!!

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let the brainwashing begin. Now we are forced to stare at CMPD SERVES on our desktop and background screens.

Anonymous said...

Isn’t it all about SERVING and PROTECTING….. I’ll have a refill on my ice tea officer…

Anonymous said...

"To serve and protect" means playing taxi to those who missed the bus to work at McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

I liked it better when we used to have the Popeye's Chicken model.

Aight..get on now.

Anonymous said...

The police generally can benefit from a more customer service focus. Think of how much easier their job would be if citizens cooperated when they need their help? How hard is that to grasp? One of my son-in-laws is retired NJ Highway Patrol, and they are taught to seek to defuse situations by conveying complete respect. I know on the GSP, you don't play with them. They mean business.

Berryhill Road. I was looking at investment houses over there. On the map, it looks like those 2 nearby golf courses should bring a nice clientele, and close to downtown is a good rental market. Why would there be a murder on that street? Should I back out while I am still in diligence period? I put a large deposit down, sight unseen.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

But this area has seen a very nice appreciation. I can't live on what the credit union pays on a CD any longer. The picture was a cute little house, renters already in place so I couldn't bother them to tour the house. All of these streets around have nice, expensive homes that look new. I figure I can cash flow this for a few years, then have a nice lot for my granddaughter to build on. Walking distance to the Revolution GC and very close to downtown.

This must be an element coming from another place to cause problems down there.

Anonymous said...

Keep the liberal BS up JJ…. You’ll be answering the calls yourselves. I can’t wait til we see all the white shirts responding to calls in the hood. You can throw the Chicfila customer service “my pleasure” out there for d’Andre. Or maybe Burger King’s “have it your way” motto when Tyrone chooses not to respond to verbal commands. I can’t wait to see that white shirt to get a little dirty when your fighting one. Look around you. The troops are dropping like flies. Maybe it’s your stupid policies.

Anonymous said...

Hey they give the retard Mayor a raise and then vote not to get voted out. You sheep are being lead to the Wolf. I'm so glad we moved out of Mecklenburg.

"If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing." by this little short guy who lost. And not Curious I mean Romo.

Anonymous said...

I think we are going to need a bigger boat!

Anonymous said...

Okay now, we have set our roster for the CMPD fast food restaurant. CMPD is ready for the chicken wars! Watch your backs Bojangles and Colonel Sanders!

2 Cashiers: Lucas Veith and Pledge Fund Guy(check his pockets)
1 FriesGuy: McCarity(tuck that shirt in!)
2 Deep Fryers: Jeff Estes(if he can lift the rack) and Vicki Foster(don't eat the profits)
1 Drive Thru Cashier: Sherie Pearsal (thank ya baby!)
1 Grill Man: Johnny Jennings himself!
2 Milkshake Machine and Delivery Window: Holmes Twins with them gangly arms
1 Janitor: Mike "the rat" Campangia
1 Cooler/Freezer Stocker: Sammy Yaravitz (what could go wrong?)
1 Front Sign Lettering: Airport (too much effort?)

Remember to pleasure and have a great day at the Mecklenburg County jail!

Anonymous said...

Can you process your great citizens without taking them ALL the way downtown? Maybe just pass out a citation in the field, take a quick selfie instead of that demeaning mugshot, skip on all that paperwork and prints. Hell, they ain't showing up for their date anyway.

And it would make CMPD the green department. Think of all those emissions saved by not driving from Steele Creek or University to JJ's Marriott.

Anonymous said...

He's getting special treatment because he is one of them.
Top 10 Jobs for Psychopaths/Sociopaths:
1. Lawyer (judge, DA)
2. Police
3. Civil Servant (judge, DA, police)

They protect their own. He may also be getting preferential treatment from higher up in the US government.

Anonymous said...

“Life is hard!” “It’s even harder when you’re stupid!”
-John Wayne-