Friday, March 19, 2010

CMPD Odds and Ends

CMPD to start All Hands On Deck bringing more of DC Metro's police style to Charlotte. The original idea is that of DC Metro Chief Cathy Lanier who in 2007 started putting all DC Metro officers on the streets for 48 hours from 6 AM Friday to 6 AM Sunday.

Metro has used All Hands On Deck to build public confidence, in short all officers hit the streets for a 48 hour show of force.

Works in DC apparently pretty well.

However DC Metro's Police Union sued and convinced a federal arbitrator to rule against Chief Lanier see ruling by a federal arbitrator

Of course CMPD doesn't have a union as such.

Burnette Nobles Golf Tournament has been moved to Charlotte Links from its long time home of Renaissance Park Golf Course. Cedar Posts contacted Officer Officer Heidi Kimbell by email as to why the change from a Mecklenburg County Park Course to a private course but as of this AM there has been no reply.

15th Annual Burnette-Nobles Memorial Golf Tournament will be played on Monday, April 19, 2010 at the Charlotte Golf Links. The tournament format is captain’s choice “Best Ball” with 7:30am and 1:30pm shotgun starts. The entry fee is $300.00 per team. This includes green fees, cart usage, lunch, refreshments, snacks, and a gift bag for each player.

This annual event is held in honor of Officer John Burnette and Officer Andy Nobles, who were “Killed in the Line of Duty” on October 5, 1993.

The tournament is organized by members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, family members of the slain officers, and countless community volunteers.

Cedar Posts will of course be there again this year ya ya I'm sand bagging my handicap again so I can be the "D" player.

Should CMPD investigate City Council Sexual harassment case? "The General" a frequent poster of comments to Cedar Posts thinks Andy Dulin is the target of the email but only for offering to put a green pepper in an omelet. Says "The General" he's innocent of everything but stupidity.


Hpk said...

Good morning! I just received a text message from a friend regarding this morning's post. I didn't reply to your email becuase I didn't receive it. Before posting this I went back and checked my email again and didn't locate one from you. Please make sure you have the correct email address and resend it to me. Thanks, hpk

Anonymous said...

Wonder what RoMo's deal is about moving the tournament?

Always something shady going on at CMPD.

ThaQueenCity said...

Maybe the SHOULD have a union? Not that I believe in them, but something has got to give with RuttMutt!

Anonymous said...

Is this the charlotte golf links off of Providence Road? If so I know they are huge supporters of police departments and they may have gotten a killer deal on holding the tournament there.

Anonymous said...

I think the Chief and command staff should spend a full week each year patrolling the areas with the biggest issues at the highest crime times, and personally responding to calls, so that they can make educated decisions on issues such as training and what is really important, etc. instead of hiding behind their desk after the decisions are made.

I am not sure what the all hands on deck for 48 hours is going to do after the 48 hours is up, except mess up shifts, if command staff is not out there unprotected from officers to see what its like today.

This department seems to go on the beautifully wrapped package concept. meaning that just because a box is beautifully wrapped, does not mean its not empty, but the perception is that something great must be inside.

ThaQueenCity said...

Monroe looks like he is SO outta shape that I would be scared if he had my back! Again I said he just "looks" outta shape, didn't way he was...

ON the other hand maybe he DOES need to get out there more!

Anonymous said...

48 hour shift? That has to be a joke unless they are wanting to get people hurt or killed, as we have seen they prefer them to get killed, dead people can't talk, not intended to disrespect those killed in the line of duty, I just don't know how these men and women put the uniform on knowing it could be their last day and also knowing if they get hurt, they will have to face a battle from the city they swore to protect, city has money to fight them, but not give them the merit raises They have EARNED????? Blessed are those who are the peace makers.