Sunday, March 28, 2010

Idiot Tweet Of The Week

@wxbrad "Sorry for breaking into your shows but Safety trumps entertainment every time."

I'll give Brad of WCNC 36 and the other talking weather heads props for keeping us informed about the severe weather. However as the above tweet shows sometimes they take themselves a little too seriously.

Case in point, moments later Brad tweets:

@wxbrad: YouTube video of the High Point, NC tornado. Watch for the power flashes! this was the same tornado to hit here!

Impressive storm, was it the same tornado, doubtful, same system likley. Come on Brad lets not get nutty over the first storm of spring its going to be a long four months of hearing you and your weather head buddies saying "wicked" everytime the sky lights up.

More about talking weather heads here.

One last thought, the crawl is plenty of weather info for me, and should Duke and Butler play next week I don't care if a tornado is chewing up every inch of Charlotte nothing but the crawl anyone think otherwise doesn't know how badly I want to see Duke go down to an underdog!


Anonymous said...

Jealousy does not become you Cedar, my good friend!!LOL I am not a Dukie either, but I do root for the ACC in the tournament, even the baby feet!!

Anonymous said...

I am with Cedar anyone but Duke ditto on the storm hype too!