Thursday, February 19, 2015

CMPD Officer Shoots Killing Second Suspect In Less Than 3 Years

CMPD Officer involved shooting Wednesday night ends the life of domestic call suspect. 
Photo from WCNC Charlotte
The Following From WSOC:

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer shot and killed a 20-year-old, knife-wielding woman Wednesday night, according to Chief Rodney Monroe.
IMAGES: Police investigate shooting in northeast Charlotte

Officers responded to a domestic dispute at about 9 p.m. on Bellefonte Drive in northeast Charlotte, Monroe said.

According to police, Janisha Fonville was carrying a knife and confronted the officers after they entered the home.

They told her to put down the knife, but she didn’t comply, Monroe said.

Instead, she lunged toward officer Anthony Holzhauer, who shot at her twice, striking the woman, the chief said.

Fonville later died at the hospital.
But this may become more of a story, since the reported officer may be the same who shot and killed a fleeing suspect in 2012.
From WBTV in July 2012:
The CMPD said that around 11:30 Monday night, officers from the Metro division spotted a man driving a red scooter down Beatties Ford Road in Northwest Charlotte.
That scooter matched the description of one used in an armed robbery on June 25th. In that case, the victim was shot.
According to police, they tried to stop the man, later identified as Michael Deangelo Laney, but Laney took off on the scooter.
Officers gave chase.
Police tell us Laney ditched the scooter, and ran to his home located at 2317 Crestview Drive.
Police caught up to Laney, and they said a scuffle ensued. At that time, officials said Laney produced a handgun.
Officer Anthony Holzhauer who has been on the force since January 25, 2010, reportedly pulled his gun, and shot Laney. Laney died on the scene.
Cedar's Take: Expect this story gets some traction and the Hands-Up Don't-Shoot crowd gets vocal pretty quick, given the white/black issue and unfortunately that Officer Holtzhauer had dispatched another black suspect less than 3 years ago. Despite the fact that this will ultimately be ruled a good shoot, I expect the local NAACP leaders get worked up pretty quick.

I've ready heard comments like whoa! He must be trigger happy?

Fact is maybe he is just unlucky. It happens, and if you work 3rd shift in certain parts of Charlotte it stands to reason it has a far better chance than happening to you again vs someone working 1st shift in South Charlotte.



Anonymous said...

Come at a cop with a knife you are going to get shot. No time to tazer and this ain't mortal combat where you can disarm the sword swinging ninja.

One less hoodrat to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Not mortal combat, but this is Obamas America where we need to coddle thugs, embrace Islam and have the teeming masses believe the false narrative of "hands up, don't shoot"

Anonymous said...

If I had a daughter she'd look like Janisha

Anonymous said...

how did the situation in fla. with about 900 teens rushing a movie theater go by with hardly any notice?

Anonymous said...

Wonder why this isn't more prevalent in white neighborhoods....

Anonymous said...

You SHOULD NOT take a knife to a gunfight. You will lose!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we need a Shot-Spotter in this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Sound like Rodney should give the guy a raise.

But there is old Rodney throwing the officer under the bus saying "we need to analyze" in other words he's shooting at too many people.

Damn you don't get to pick what calls you go on the last time I heard.

Anonymous said...

It's a good shoot. The officer works in Metro Division , the worst area in the city. Honestly I am surprised that there aren't more officer involved shootings in Metro. It shows the restraint and professionalism of the officers there more than anything else!!

Anonymous said...

IA can suck it !!😝

Anonymous said...

2 points. 1. I don't care if he has 3 weeks in between shootings or 3 years, a good shoot is a good shoot. 2. If anyone needs to be blamed, how about his command staff for leaving the officer in the division after the first shooting. Everyone knows Metro is the wild west. Deadly force encounters happen everywhere, but it was bad decision making to leave him there after the first one.

Anonymous said...

In the 80s & 90s, cmpd (or Charlotte Police Dept) would move an officer after a fatal officer involved shooting. This was done for officer safety reasons. You wouldn't want to give avenging family members easy access to the officer involved in the shooting. This evidently changed in this century. Sounds like a reasonable policy.

Anonymous said...

One of the basic tenets of our current com stat model is that you allocate more police resources, time, etc on emerging crime trends. You have a burglary problem in a certain neighborhood , you shift resources , patrols, etc till the problem goes away. Metro Division historically has led the city in violent crime for years. Their violent crime rate dwarfs the other 12 patrol districts by almost 50%!
Yet on a macro-level, Metro division is woefully understaffed and ignored by the upper command staff ( read executive staff....majors, deputy chiefs, chief). If this department was really serious about preventing violent crime, Metro division would have more officers and at a minimum be staffed at close to 100% of their allotted officers at all times. No more 3rd shift running on 3 or 4 officers. Executive staff ignores their own advice at their officers peril.

Cedar Posts said...

CP really appreciates the input.

I'm not sure the comments directed at the deceased and the deceased's family are helpful.

And so I've removed them from the comments.

Anonymous said...

You micharactized the 2012 incident. At the point of the scuffle and the shooting, Laney was no longer a "fleeing suspect"