Tuesday, September 3, 2019

David Wooten - Idiot Among Us Kills 3 People In Charlotte

Last Friday night David Robin Wooten apparently decided that riding his Yamaha motorcycle at more than 100 miles an hour on Charlotte's Wilkinson Boulevard would be a good idea.

In the darkness Wooten and his Yamaha sport bike screamed west bound at more than three times the 45 mph speed limit. At the same time heading in the opposite direction were a young couple Dylan Briggs 22 and Jasmine Belush 21. 

The couple where out with their friends, Dylan driving Jamine's car when they found themselves in a unfamiliar surroundings, the voice on Jasmine's iPhone likely keep urging to make a U-turn as WAZE often does in a rather insistent manner. For whatever reason Dylan Briggs decided to make a U-turn near Alleghany Street.

Watching several cars pass, Briggs may have seen the motorcycle approaching but didn't realize that Wooten was traveling at an estimated 183.33 feet per second. More than 125 miles per hour.

Wooten's motorcycle struck the right rear passenger door of Jamine's car. Despite wearing helmet he was killed instantly when his head impacted the roof and D-pillar. His motorcycle would continue through the car killing passengers Benjamin Vasques 24, Hanna Brotherton, 22 and Claudia Gray, 27

CMPD Officers arriving on the scene were confronted with a horrific accident and assumed that there was a second car or truck fleeing the area. The unrecognizable carnage provided few clues, the impact was so violent it took officer several minutes just to understand what had happened to the car.

Leann Gray was sitting in the against the door was killed instantly. The public information officer for Midland Fire and Rescue was only 27, an EMT and public information officer with the Midland Fire Department. She was mother to an 8-year old son.

Leann Gray
Hanna Brotherton, was also killed instantly as the motorcycle continued through the car. She was born in Concord and graduated from Jesse C. Carson High School, was the daughter of Michael Wayne Brotherton and Trena Marcum Brotherton.

Hanna Brotherton
After graduating from high school Hanna received her associate degree from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College and continued into the orthodontics program at Lake Norman Dental Assisting School. She was currently attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Benjamin Vasquez a soldier in the United States Army, was seated next to Brotherton, had just returned from a deployment in Kuwait.

US Army Pvt. Benjamin Vasquez
Vasquez survived for a short time but was deceased by the time first responders arrived.

Only inches separated Briggs and Belush from death, somehow they managed to escape with only minor injuries. They were both taken to CMC Main treated and released.

Cedar's Take: It is impossible to grasp that only 15 seconds either side of the impact time and this accident this would not have happened. In the long chain of events that led up to this accident, that any small deviation, light change or hesitation that could have happened to change the time line by just 15 seconds would have avoided this tragedy. 

But the true cause of this accident is nothing short of massive stupidity. David Wooten died an moron and a murder. Beyond reckless and self centric Wooten is a symptom of lawless behavior of a group of idiots who believe the rules apply only to other people.

You will hear people who think it wasn't all his fault that the driver Briggs is equally at fault for not seeing the Yamaha sport bike traveling the distance of one football field every 1.2 seconds. Yet Wilkinson as most city streets does not have the line of sight or grade of an interstate highway the street has a 45 mph speed limit for a reason, safety. 

Two days after the accident Olivia Carper in Huntersville decided Wooten needed a "Go Fund Me" Memorial page. Equally disturbing there is no mention of 3 people Wooten murdered.


Anonymous said...

Would have been a better outcome had he just shot himself in the head.

Anonymous said...

Thank God he was wearing his helmet! ENTs say when they finally did locate the helmet his head was still pretty much intact something like 50 yards from the car and his body. Hopefully the funeral home was able to semi attach his head so the family can have some sense of closure.

Anonymous said...

Another moron “biker” off the streets. It’s a damn shame he took 3 innocent lives with him. A bridge column would have been better for speed racer. Maybe the pack of atv and dirt bikers will be next, minus the collateral damage.......

Anonymous said...

Only a freaking millennial would think riding a sport bike at more than 100 miles an hour on a city street was ok.

Hope his mother has nightmares the rest of her life what a freaking failure.

Anonymous said...

That's a little cruel 8:29 not her fault.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

only a dumbass white dude would go that fast on Wilkinson.

Anonymous said...

122 Miles an hour and tested positive for both drugs and alcohol he deserved to be dead.

Anonymous said...

10:26 I didn't see any news coverage about drugs or alcohol. Where are you getting this information?

Anonymous said...

more racist hate from Cedar Mouth!!