Sunday, March 28, 2021

Retired CMPD Captain Michelle Hummel Takes on the AT as a Thru Hiker

Hiking the Appalachian Trail  - If you grew up in South or North Carolina chances are you've encountered the AT and perhaps even hiked it. 

So, Congratulations you're a "segment hiker".

But people just don't wake up one day and decide to take a hike from Springer Mountain Georgia to Mt. Katahdin Maine and become what is known as a "thru hiker".  

Rather, it is the sort of thing you think about over time, maybe years and then it really starts eating at you. After all if you don't do it this year you'll just be another year older when you do. 

Maybe that's what retired CMPD Capt Michelle Hummel decided, to become one of the elite 2000 milers who have hiked the entire length end to end in one go.

In her own words:

One Hello My Name is Michelle Hummel, I retired after 30 years of service to the Charlotte community as a First Responder. This next journey of my life is both personal and to help others. 

I am going to start a thru hike adventure of the Appalachian Trail to fulfill a personal goal and raise money to help charities that are near and dear to my heart. 

The hike is 2193 miles and I plan to make videos all along the way. Please follow me on my YouTube channel as I will make posts over the next six months while on this journey.

I hope to raise $25,000 to be equally split between 5 charities

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Warrior Jace Foundation

Salute to Heroes Charlotte Foundation

Charlotte Cobras Football

COPS 4 the CURE. 

I appreciate any support you can offer and thank you for taking the time and following along with me on my adventures on the Appalachian Trail. 

Here's the link to Michelle's page SHE HIKES TO HELP

CP's Take: Over the years I've covered about 200 miles of the AT the longest Springer to Fontana Dam. The highest to the summit of Katahdin. This is no easy hike, my idea of hiking is a day pack with lunch and a six pack and a hot shower before dinner.

(Good Gouge: Bill Bryson wrote a book titled A Walk In The Woods, that's all it took to convince me I was NOT a thru hiker. )

So yeah I'm envious, but happy with my role in Michelle's quest to "Thru Hike the AT" as cheerleader. 

You go girl!


Anonymous said...

I’m in the thick of my years of service. It will be a long time before I get to hit the road and do something “cool” like this. Good for her for getting out and “doing something” in retirement. Something healthy. Rolling stone grows no moss.

Anonymous said...

Where does she wash her beaver?

Anonymous said...

Good for her! Y'all need to keep your "beaver envy" to yourselves and just write the check.

If everyone who ever made a sexist comment on Cedar Post gave $100.00 she'd have her goal and those who donated could rightfully say they once paid Michelle $100 for a good time.

Just do it! Now!

Go Michelle!

Anonymous said...

I’d wash that beaver

Anonymous said...

^^ you have as much of a chance of washing that beaver as Major Bellamy becoming my nutritionist

Anonymous said...

Some of you sick perverted asses need to back off.

Michelle is a wonderful person who fully supports LEO, CFD organizations and many many others.

Michelle, I and many others in the department have been to hell and back with the tragic losses of JOHN and ANDY and then JEFF and SEAN.

She is doing what she needs to do to cope with their deaths and other tragedies in her life.

Obviously there are those of you out there that only care about yourselves and making assine and childish remarks. Do the right thing apologize and move on.

If you can't contribute to the cause at least offer your support. This isn't about you it is about helping others and having their back.

Anonymous said...

7:03. I just want to make sure you didn’t dislocate your arm patting yourselves on the back.

Anonymous said...

703 and 802,

First of all, I think Cedar only put this story up so people would make fun of her, which is going to happen.

Secondly, she aint a nun or a saint. She got promoted as soon as possible like Vicki Foster, and she has little to no real police experience doing police work. We all know this, but she is a nice person and was always friendly to me. Collecting a paycheck for 20 years by responding to events after the fact and doing nothing must be nice.

Yes, she was affected by the police deaths, but so was everyone. This sounds tough...but get over it. Its weird if you hold on to stuff after 15 years like a high school football game or lost love. Move on, seriously.

Real tragedy? Talk to guys that have shot someone or been shot at. (not her) She avoided tragedy most of her career like Vicki Foster. It's racist to look at her differently that Vicki.

Finally, I think this little charity effort is just for vanity like most bullshit where people run with the torch or swim for a cause. She has fucked a few guys I know but I aint holding it against a couger. I liked her when we met, but I'm not looking past the truth.

Good luck to her, and those things aint real creeps.

Anonymous said...

8:47 Why be such a jerk? Sorry you're stuck out in Steele Creek and still having to work secondary to make ends meet.

Hummel gave 30 years to CMPD, four chiefs and a dozen supervisors she wasn't a suck up and just because you're butt hurt over her promotion to captain doesn't mean she didn't earn it.

As for her boobs she's a breast cancer survivor, mine are no longer real either and yes I went from a "B" to a "C" to give myself some sense of dignity. Is that a problem for you?

I'm going to guess that your pickle has never matched the size your ego.

Anonymous said...

Y'all such a bunch of cry babies, she got promoted boo hoo. She's also going to knock out the AT on her bucket list. Meanwhile oh wait you painted your deck this summer. Wow!

Anonymous said...

928, girl Im just sayin that she is a decent person, but lets not get so serious about the coping and dedication to service. we all work here and know how it is. dont praise her while you trash vicki foster, neither. thats racist like cedar mouth

as for the boobs we been talking about those for years and we all know about her fight with cancer was ruff

i wouldnt be talking about small pickles when you openly talk about increasing your tittie size to get more attention from men with pickles. dignity? go read a book or plant a tree.

Anonymous said...

8:47 IDK that Cedar put this story up to make fun of Michelle I see 31 people have contributed to her fund raiser and Cedar is one of them. I'd hope it was a genuine effort to help her reach her goal.

Anonymous said...

Since we are talking about pickles, any news on the pledge fund?

Sgt. Whit Neal said...

To 8:47 you are such a Ass. You obviously don’t know sh.t about police work. It’s obvious you think you are the biggest and the baddest. Let me tell you. You haven’t seen bad yet. You can’t hold a candle when it comes to doing real-police work. You don’t know whether or not i have shot someone or been shot at.. i venture to wonder when the last time you had your ASS kicked. Probably by your mama. I bet she would be proud to know her son or which ever you are, is running off at the mouth disrespecting people as you are So Officers are supposed to get over the deaths of their comrades and move on..f..k you. Some of us never do. We wish the hell we could. PTSD sneaks up on you anytime and any day.. no matter how many days or years it’s been..if you haven’t experienced it shut the hell up..
People do great things for others in their lives and this is one of those times. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? If you have already, prove it,,
I do not want to hear another negative comment about Cpt Hummel or anyone else for that matter. She served this city very well. Those of us who are decent human beings and professional officers and supervisors stand behind her one hundred percent.
FYI 40 people have donated $3585.00 for a great cause.

If your idea was to draw me out here i am.
SGT WHIT NEAL Retired 37 years service.

Anonymous said...

SgtNeal--You need to relax and take a deep breathe. You need to let things go and stop holding on to all that emotion. If you still have serious issues after retirement then you are a prisoner within yourself. Your problems are not everyone else's problems so go get help with that. We all make jokes about MH, even Cedar does. No one needs their ass kicked at CMPD. We getting it handed to us everyday at work. If you approached your job with this much passion, imagine what you could have become in life.