Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Violent But Common Ending For Charlotte's Career Criminals

Devonte Washington turned 18 on August 16th 2017 prior to that point his arrest record is hidden, showing only two known arrests in 2017, but the arrests started to pile up in 2018. 

Crimes he was convicted of in Gaston, Iredell and Mecklenburg, total 18, and ranged from B&E, weapons charges, auto theft, hit and run, resisting and flee and elude mostly felonies.

2019 was a hard year for Devonte Washington. He was arrested on January 22nd and again on February 10th. Then again on September 12, 16, 18 and 27 and then again on December 11th.

2020 wasn't much better as Washington was arrested on January 15th , July 31st and October 28th.

2021 saw arrests on February 2nd and 3rd.

Suspended sentences, probation and community service was the usual outcome. 

He ended up serving a couple of 120 day terms for violating the terms of his probation.

On March 20, 2021 he was released by Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden after his bail was reduced to unsecured. He had spent 16 days as a guest resident in McFadden's  Mecklenburg County Residence Inn. 

Less than 2 months later he would be shot dead on the street just blocks from that safe haven.

Devonte Washington is not unique, most of Charlotte Homicide victims are young Black men (38 of 46) often with a long record of violent prior crimes.

BLM Crowd scream about racism and a broken justice system. But Public officials have duty to protect citizens from crime and particularly violent crime. Sadly liberal judges and DA's have decided that their social agenda is best served by releasing violent felons like Devonte Washington.

To acknowledge that there is a problem in releasing habitual violent offenders would conflict with their narrative. 

Despite the facts that repeat violent felons are likely to never become lawful citizens they continue to release these individuals back on to the streets.

Remember Washington's record only includes those crimes for which he was actually caught.

At some point it was very clear that Washington was a danger to society and himself. Had Mecklenburg County judges and the DA fully prosecuted these crimes and sought a conviction as a habitual felon he would be alive today.




Anonymous said...

Pledge fund?

Anonymous said...

Is it their culture? Clearly there is a common denominator in almost all violent crime. Young black males.

I guess Lyndon Johnson is probably more to blame then anyone else, except for the scum perps, their scum so-called fathers and their pathetic mothers.

Anonymous said...

Its referred to as cleaning the gene pool. Good riddance. They won't be able to procreate and produce more would be hoodlums without any parental guidance. We have enough already so we need to let them thin out the population. Apparently that is the new solution to crime prevention in this city, as with many others.

Anonymous said...

That thinning out doesn't work. Look north to any shithole city. It's called white flight. it's called welfare indoctrination. You mean I get more, when I have more kids? Oh, that's easy. meanwhile all productive citizens flee. Nobody decided one day to chase all the workers out of Baltimore, but here we are. The South Side of Chicago once produced the steel to drive the American industrial engine, but here we are.

Elections have consequences.

Anonymous said...

Crickets from the BLM crowd apparently this thug life didn't matter.

Pworld said...

“ I’m going to be HONEST, I haven’t gone to college” - Joshua Richardson

Anonymous said...

Vi Lyles, should send his momma the bill for having CFD clean this shit stain off the sidewalk. What a mess gray matter, blood and then all that shit from his bowls that spilled out.

Anonymous said...

1:23 that's harsh - true but harsh.

Anonymous said...

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

-Albert Einstein-

Anonymous said...

Where is the FOP? What have they done for us lately? What are our dues paying for??? BTW make sure to tell FOP attorneys not to share any details of your case with FOP board members, it will get out during watercooler talk

Anonymous said...

To 6:52 (and all the other crap you've talked about the FOP). If that is how you truly feel please call me. However, I will call BS on what you say but would love to hear from you. I'm pretty sure I know who you are and why you're upset, but hiding behind your keyboard is not going to get you anywhere. Call me, I will meet you at the lodge, at your office, wherever, but stop being a coward with you anonymous trash talking. I take everything I do within the FOP seriously and do the best with what we have to work with. It's bad enough knowing people outside the fence want to hurt us, it's even more disheartening when those within our own profession will stab us in the back even faster.

I'm up pretty late most nights, so I expect you to call me so we can hash out your lies.

Dan Redford

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Daniel!

Anonymous said...

If black lives matter then why aren't they protesting this? It has nothing to do with systemic racism or any of the other BS buzz words they use in blaming white people for their self inflicted problems! Black on black crime is more prevalent than their view of racism! There are statistics to show it!

Anonymous said...


I dont know whats going on with the other guy and his case, but it sounds like you are your crew are snitching on him to the brass. Why would he just make that shit up and put it on here?

Then you come on here and take about keyboard warrior and liar, to guys that are risking their fucking lives on the streets and being snitched out by FOP. The man is obviously pissed off about something you did to him.

Im not saying I could do a better job, but that FOP has always been worthless other than writing the check to George Laughren. You shouldn't be proud of the FOPs history in Charlotte. I am from another state and the FOP is feared by politicans and media. Its basically a mafia group.

Dont come on here and talk shit to cops that do this job. The man is obviously scared of internal retalation from the powers that be.

Im not going to tell Dan to eat a dick, but I wouldnt be putting my cell phone number on this shady blog that people all over the country are reading and laughing at. Just shows the level of stupidity that is currenly underway in CHA.

Im still waiting on that CVOC sex video of the short brunette, too.

Anonymous said...

You'd think these shit stains would all eventually just kill each other but nope the virus keeps spreading and they keep reproducing these black folks just all crazy and the liberals love this BLM lol

Anonymous said...

Shit Stains - yep

Pworld said...

I still have not received see my payout from CMPD CrimeStoppers for my assistant in a criminal case. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive my check ? They don’t answer the phone !!!

Anonymous said...

7:21...You will now refer to them as "Customers!"

Anonymous said...

Move out of Mecklenburg County!!! Save your hard earned money, like on the Rain water tax.

Anonymous said...

So how many peeps are calling the jackass rook Redford from blocked #s since he posted his # to the globe? LOL. He just showed how easily he can be baited.

Anonymous said...

Kill more of him.