Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Rodney Monroe Papers

A complete listing of all posts regarding Rodney Monroe:

The Chief's New Clothes

How Did Marcus Jackson Slip Past Charlotte's Civil Service Board?

Internal Affairs Memo Told Monroe That Officer Jackson Should Have Been Charged in Domestic Incident

Martray Proctor Revisted

WFAE Posts Both CMPD Internal Affairs Memo to Monroe

WFAE Takes a Shot at Rodney Monroe

Monroe Spins Fuel Pizza Encounter

Marcus Jackson Victims Sue

Nightmare on Eastway Drive

Monroe Meets City Council Again

CMPD Releases 1st Quarter Crime Numbers

Charlotte's Police Chief Exposed!

CIAA Parking Madness

Chief Monroe Issues Memo Regarding the CMPD Reserves Fallout

CMPD Reserve Officers Threaten To Quit

Chief Monroe Shows CMPD Reserves the Door

Take Home Car and A Take to the Bank Gas Card?

Charlotte's Thomasboro Neighborhood Gant Money Gone with the Wind?

Monroe Hires Chief of Staff for CMPD

Where is Charlotte's Outrage over Rodney Monroe's fake College Degree?

Union Head to Chief Monroe: "Don't Let The Door"

Rodney Monroe Richmonder of the Year 2007

Richmond's Police Department Seals off City Hall

Rodney Monroe Retires


Anonymous said...

I just learned that Monroe appointed Retired Major Garnes son to the position of RAC over a much more qualified officer. I guess the "brotherhood" lingers after retirement. I wish someone would do a full analysis of his promotions and appointments. It would be enlightening.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous@ 02/15/2011. Like you expected anything different from the Good Ole Boys Club. It has nothing to do with how qualified you are. Just as long as you put on the golden knee pads and get on your knees to suck some male genitals. This is the only way you are going to get somewhere with cmpd.

Anonymous said...

To get anywhere within CMPD. There are two things. If you a member of the PINK MAFIA, you can get away with anything. Then there is the old saying. It's not who you KNOW, but who you BLOW!!!